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For over thirty years, Troma Films has been at the forefront of independent filmmaking, making our glorious leader Lloyd Kaufman one of the most oft-written about persons in the industry. Articles about Lloyd and Troma have been written by journalists around the world. In this section, we are proud to present a selection of articles we know you'll want to read.
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11th April 2007

“Grindhouse Gone Wild” By New York Press’ Mathew A. Stern


GRINDHOUSE GONE WILD Low-budget cinema meets the corporate zombie machine By Matthew A. Stern Lloyd Kaufman is the legendary NYC-based, B-movie auteur and founder of Troma, an independent film studio that’s acquired and distributed thousands of films you’ve probably never heard of. Like Tales from the Crapper. Or Ferocious Female Fighters 2. But he’s better […]

15th March 2007

<div class=\"postavatar\">NY's #1 Film Critic Declares "Give Toxie's Dad a Break!" Support POULTRYGEIST!</div> NY’s #1 Film Critic Declares “Give Toxie’s Dad a Break!” Support POULTRYGEIST!


New York’s Number 1 Film critic, Lou Lumenick supporting POULTRYGEIST again! Thanks for the encouragement, Lou! Give Toxie’s Dad a Break! Leave a comment on his Movie Blog and vocalize your support for POULTRYGEIST! Tromites, get YOUR local theatres to play POULTRYGEIST! Contact us for more details on how!

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