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Lloyd has taught this seminar at prestigious academic institutions such as Yale University and University of Southern California, as well as overseas at institutions like the St. Petersburg Film Museum in Russia, Perth Film Festival in Australia, Norwegian Film Development, and Oxford University in the UK.

For thirty years, Lloyd Kaufman has been the President of Troma Entertainment, the oldest continuously operating independent motion picture production company and distributor. Since 1971, Lloyd has directed 14 feature films, including fan favorites SGT. KABUKIMAN, TROMEO AND JULIET and TERROR FIRMER, as well as all four films in the worldwide phenomenon THE TOXIC AVENGER series.

Make Your Own Damn Movie!” is an informative, interactive and highly entertaining crash course on filmmaking, aimed to anyone who’s ever wanted to make movies but doesn’t have the cash. Using real-life examples from Kaufman’s own thirty years experience in the business, ‘Make Your Own Damn Movie’ illustrates the whole independent filmmaking process from conception to completion.

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