18th February 2016

MEET LLOYD – Troma DOUBLE-FEATURE February 18th in London!

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Join Lloyd and the Troma Team February 18th for a DOUBLE-FEATURE of Essex Spacebin (world premiere!) and Tromeo & Juliet!

Prince Charles Cinema
7 Leicester Place
London WC2H 7BY, UK
+44 20 7494 3654

CLICK HERE for more information and to purchase tickets!


The Prince Charles Cinema in London will be hosting the World Premiere of Essex Spacebin and a special screening of the Raindance People’s Choice winner, Tromeo & Juliet on Saturday, February 18th, 2017, it was announced today by Levi White, Head of Public Relations at Troma Entertainment, Inc.

The Queen of Troma herself, Lloyd Kaufman will be LIVE on Stage, giving insights into movie making and independent art.

Kneel before your Queen.


Brit Cinephiles will have the opportunity to get that perfect Facebook/Instagram post to show their families they’re still alive, as Mr. Kaufman will be available to take pictures and sign merchandise.

Tickets for this event are almost sold out! Remaining tickets available for pre-order at Prince Charles Cinema.

When asked if Prince Charles himself will attend the Prince Charles event,
The Prince Charles Cinema denied but was unsure about Queen Kaufman
introducing his Prince Albert.

Essex Spacebin

The first film to show is Essex Spacebin. Produced by Chelmsford Film Society (Biscuit Armageddon, Robocop minus 1) and Directed by David Hollinshead and Phillip Thompson, Essex Spaccebin tells the story of Lorraine.

Lorraine believes there’s a lost portal to another world in Essex. As she explores time and space with her friends and family will she be proven wrong or be vindicated?

Essex Spacebin is Hot, Hilarious, and Galactic. Being shot on glorious 35mm, Essex Spacebin is sure to become a classic in the Troma canon.

A Q&A with Directors David Hollinshead and Philip Thompson will be held.

Early reviews to the initial previews have produced rave responses such as,

“The most excited about a Troma film I’ve been since The Toxic Avenger!”
-Lloyd Kaufman, President and Co-founder of Troma Entertainment

“Truly genius comedy, brilliant characters… kept me interested all the way through.”
-Dionne Farrell Postroom, BFI

“The ending is a triumph, absolutely perfect and incredibly funny. You’ve created something very very strange, and completely unique.”
-Mike Bollen, Legendary YouTube comedian Cassetteboy, 2016

Hot, Hilarious, Galactic!


Following Essex Spacebin will be the award winning film Tromeo & Juliet.

All the body-piercing, kinky sex, and car crashes that Shakespeare wanted but never had! Join Tromeo (Will Keenan), Juliet (Jane Jensen), and Lemmy of Motorhead as they travel through Manhattan’s underground in search of climactic love, violence, and the American Way. Tromeo and Juliet is thrust forward with hyper-kinetic performances and a cutting-edge soundtrack.

Directed by Lloyd Kaufman, and co-written by James Gunn (Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy), Tromeo & Juliet is a testament to the strength and creativity of Troma Entertainment, as it boldly suggests the incestuous nature of Shakespeare’s original play.

“Shakespeare is transformed into a no-holds bard!” – Variety


A Q&A with President and Co-Founder of Troma, Lloyd Kaufman will be held after the screening of Tromeo & Juliet. With over 40 years of filmmaking experience, Mr. Kaufman is a titan in the truly independent film world.



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