20th January 2017

MEET LLOYD! – The Carlton Midnight Society in Toronto, Canada

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Join Lloyd and the Troma Team January 20th as the Carlton Midnight Society host a RETURN TO NUKE EM HIGH 1 & 2 DOUBLE-FEATURE in Toronto, Ontario Canada!


Carlton Cinema
20 Carlton Street
Toronto, ON M5B 2H5
(416) 598-5454

CLICK HERE for more information and to purchase tickets!


Saturday, January 20th, 2018
Admission: $20 (for both films!)
Showtime: 9pm

proudly presents

with Lloyd Kaufman in attendance!

Since its inception in July 2015, The Carlton Midnight Society has steadily built its reputation as Toronto’s #1 repertory film series. We’ve held the North American Premiere of Bruno Mattei’s TERMINATOR 2: SHOCKING DARK, the Canadian Premiere of the Japanese language cut of KING KONG VS. GODZILLA, the Toronto Premiere of the 4K restoration of MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE, Kaiju and Ed Wood-themed midnight movie marathons, 35mm double-bills of THE BEYOND and PIECES, Turkish mockbuster nights (that have officially received the seal of approval from the country of Turkey herself!) and who could forget REB FEST, our 3-month retrospective on Reb Brown highlighted by a screening of YOR, THE HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE?

And while all of these events have been wicked awesome, they ultimately pale in comparison to what the demented minds behind The Carlton Midnight Society have in store for you on Saturday, January 20th, 2018 because on that night, we will truly be outdoing ourselves with an evening of pure unadulterated celluloid insanity, the likes of which could only come from The Godfathers of Independent Film themselves – TROMA!

That’s right folks! On Saturday, January 20th at 9pm, we’ll be presenting a special Troma Double-Bill of RETURN TO NUKE EM HIGH VOL. 1 and RETURN TO RETURN TO NUKE EM HIGH VOL. 2 for only $20!

And wait… it gets even better!

In attendance for the evening, will be the man, the myth, the legend, truly a God to Trash Cinema enthusiasts everywhere – MR. LLOYD KAUFMAN himself! Uncle Lloyd, The Toxic Avenger and the whole Troma Team are coming up to Toronto for this ONE-NIGHT ONLY event and will be setting up shop in our lobby with merch tables galore! Lloyd will be here to sign your beloved Troma goodies and will stick around for an intro and Q&A for both RETURN TO NUKE EM HIGH VOL. 1 and RETURN TO RETURN TO NUKE EM HIGH VOL. 2.

Are you excited yet?

Advance tickets are on sale now at our box office and online at: CarltonCinema.ca!


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