27th April 2017

MEET LLOYD! – Shock Stock – London, Ontario

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Join Lloyd and the Troma Team April 27th-29th at the Shock Stock Convention in London, Ontario!


Shock Stock Convention
Ramada London
817 Exeter Road
London, ON N6E 1W1

CLICK HERE for more information and to purchase tickets!


“I did not make a mistake.” stated Lloyd Kaufman as he left the London, Ontario airport. “I came here to cosplay as the newborn royal baby for Shock Stock, and definitely had no scheme in mind to replace the royal baby and infiltrate the royal family. It’s an honor to be a special guest at Shock Stock once again! The citizens of not-London, England LOVE Troma and we love them right back! See you April 27th – 29th!”


Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger will be attending Shock Stock along with Toxie, Super Tromettes and more April 27th – 29th in London, Canada! – it was announced today by Levi White, Director of Public Relations at Troma Entertainment, Inc.

Free Photo-ops and Signings with Lloyd Kaufman, of course!


Kaufman, Toxie, and more will be Tromatizing convention goers, fans and air conditioners during the festival! And as always, free photo-ops and signing, of course!


Troma’s favorite hero, Toxie, and more will be at the Troma Booth where TROMERCH such as the highly popular Alex Pardee Toxie T-shirt, Skinner T-shirt, I Heart the Monster Hero shirt, Toxie patches, and Troma’s newest Blu-ray releases The Middle Finger, Hectic Knife and Essex Spacebin will be TROMABUNDANT!



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