14th March 2007

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Dear Lloyd,

I understand you have had tough days of late. No surprise in the quest of the indy filmmaker. I just wanted to thank you for keeping the fight up and for making people like me want to keep making their own damn movies.

When I met you at the Horrorfind in Baltimore, I bought your book and have been at work ever since on trying to get it all together. I got the script and a crew. If I can get the cash, I shall try to put together the first nudist film since 1971 (Girls come too.)

So if you don’t mind, it was you who gave me the inspiration to get this insanity rolling, and for that, I thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,
Rev. Darren Pysher, Ph.D.

“When this is over, remind me to go screaming into the night”
–Daria Morgandorfer

What luck for rulers that men do not think: Adolf Hitler

If u always take the time to stop & smell the roses sooner or later u will
inhale a bee

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