Full Day Master Class

An eight hour, single day, immersive class with visual aids, covering each step in the making of a motion picture.

Lloyd teaching his Master Class
at University of Toronto

A. Writing your script

B. Raising Production Funds

C. Pre-production

  • Casting
  • Hiring a crew
  • Finding locations and getting clearances
  • Rehearsals

D. Production

Master Class at the University of Toronto
  • The three rules of production, and common pitfalls
  • Special effects and stunts

E. Post-production

  • Editing your film
  • Music and clearances

F. Marketing your film

Director of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival
Adam Lopez receives his Troma Diploma
  • Choosing the right title for your movie
  • Creating media attention

G. Distribution

  • Navigating the film festival circuit
  • Attending film markets
  • Publicize your film without getting arrested
  • Selling/licensing your movie to a distributor, versus distributing it yourself

Additionally, Mr. Kaufman can screen:

  • APOCALYPSE SOON, a feautre length documentary about the making of his film Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV
  • FARTS OF DARKNESS, a feautre length documentary about the making of his film Terror Firmer
  • ALL THE LOVE YOU CANNES, a feature length documentary about feature-length documentary on how Troma sells its movies at the Cannes Film Festival
  • …or one of several Troma movies written and directed by Mr. Kaufman

For prices and availability of Lloyd Kaufman’s Make Your Own Damn Movie Master Class, please download and fill out this form or contact us.

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