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Please note that this post chronicles Lloyd updates from January 2006 to December of 2006. Please check Lloyd’s Updated News Section for more news, updates, and articles to come! For other TROMA related news, as well as Lloyd Kaufman News archives, please see the Troma News section.

October 11: NEW TROMATIC PARTY JUST ADDED IN EVENTS! SCREAMFEST After-Party & TromaDance 2007 Fundraiser w/ Special Guest, Lloyd Kaufman to start rocking on October 15th at 9:00PM at the BackBooth Club in Orlando! Ages 18+ and FREE BEER for those 21+ while supplies last! See the band and burlesqe line-up HERE!!!

October 11: NEW EVENTS!!! Can you believe it’s already been 15 years since VEGAS IN SPACE made it’s glamorously visual assault on the shocked American masses? Well, it has! Check out the details on the very special Midnight Mass 15th Anniversary Cast Reunion Sreening & Concert of this cult classic in San Francisco on November 11th in our Tromatic Appearances & Screenings!

October 6: In view of the recent tragic school shooting across our nation, we thought you should revisit Lloyd’s Roid about the Columbine Massacre written in 2001. Please send your responses about your views of this horrible epidemic to mailto:[email protected]?subject=

October 6: “LLOYD KAUFMAN CROSSES THAT LINE” video is in the homestretch to get aired on television on CurrentTV.com! In the top 10 now, but this video needs to be ranked #1 to air! Go to Current.tv/watch/12404863 to GREEN LIGHT it, or to just witness the inner workings Lloyd Kaufman’s mind!

October 6: NORTH CAROLINA! MEET LLOYD KAUFMAN TODAY! Lloyd and the Troma Team will be at a special book signing and discussion at the Borders Books and Music Store #558 in Charlotte, NC! Click here for more details and events!

October 4: Dive into the depths of Lloyd Kaufman’s brain… figuratively, of course, in this new expose’ from RogueCinema.com!

October 3: Troma’s POULTRYGEIST get’s a “We Hear…” in the world renown “Page Six” of the New York Post today!

October 2: Digital Retribution gives 5 Australia’s out of 5 (!!!) for Troma’s TROMEO & JULIET 10TH ANNIVERSRAY EDITION. Just another stellar review reminding us all why we NEED to own this classic DVD Collector’s set all the more!

October 2: Happy Yom Kipper!!! Last day of the Happy HIGH Holy Days Sale! 25% OFF THE ENTIRE STORE until midnight! RUSH to the ROSH Hashana savings!

September 28: NEW POULTRYGEIST CD/DVD COMBO ANNOUNCED! See the cover art and get the inside scoop on how & when YOU can get your’s at PoultrygeistMovie.com!

September 27: New Lloyd’s Acting additions! Find out more about the films HORIZONICA and THE COPS DID IT, the latest independent film gems posted to Lloyd’s resume!

September 27: Check out the web-page with trailer and Google Video for yet another movie Lloyd Kaufman graces his thespian skills for in The Cops Did It by Truth In Creativity Productions!

September 27: Friend of Troma & co-screenwriter/co-producer of the film HORIZONICA in which Lloyd Kaufman appears in, Ton van Rooij has sent us his literal praise and write ups on SFTerra.com and Fantastiek.com! Both are in Dutch, but have great great photos for the Dutch-language impaired!

September 20: Donations to the TromaDance Fund over $250.00 are now Tax-Deductible (plus you get the cool goodies!)! The more you give, the more you get back! For more details on this easy and rewarding process, please contact mailto:[email protected]?subject=Tax-Deductible Donations.

September 20: Lloyd Kaufman, Troma and the TromaDance Team would like to thank every one who has been pulling through and donating to bring the TromaDance fund to almost $800 in a week’s time! Check out the NEW 2007 Incentives! Never hurts to donate again!

September 20: Get your Official Program for the 2006 TromaDance New Mexico! Check out the Official Press Release with all the details HERE!

September 20: Troma’s September NEW RELEASES are now available for your purchasing pleasure! Bon appetite!

September 20: The NEW Official 2007 TromaDance Website is online now!

September 13: URGENT! Unless more donations come in from the website fans, there may be NO TromaDance 2007! We do not have large corporate sponsors– Help Keep Independent Art Alive! IT all adds up to YOUR next TromaDance! Thank you.

September 13: LLOYD KAUFMAN Crosses the Line: By Dan Persons streaming video on Current.TV! Check it out and vote to get Lloyd’s interview greenlighted!

September 13: Lloyd Kaufman featured in Podcast streaming online from Dreaming Ant Afterhours! Click here to see how you can download it for yourself! Comments welcome (please, be gentle)!

September 13: New Tromatic Fan mail from Christopher Thomas! He also sends a link to a YouTube Video featuring Lloyd Kaufman and his bevy of sexy Tromettes at Dragon*Con! Check it out!

September 13: ’s Bill Gibron gives Troma’s Tromeo & Juliet: 10th Anniv. Double-Disc one of it’s highest ratings in this fascinating proclamation! Also noted by the folks at DVDTalk, the same Tromeo & Juliet 10th Anniv. Edition have garnered their acclaim in Horror DVD Review Highlights of The Week (3rd listing down)!

September 13: ATTENTION SO. CAL. TROMA FANS!!! There is an opportunity to work with Troma Entertainment’s International Sales team at the upcoming American Film Market – Nov 1-8. Please contact Lisa Borhoum ([email protected]) if you are interested in volunteering.

September 13: Check out this new review from PopSyndicate.com proclaiming Troma’s ZOMBIEGEDDON “a B-Movie fan’s wet dream!”

September 13: “Talk Show Host TROMAtized – Judyth Piazza chats with Lloyd Kaufman!” New audio interview of Troma’s head honcho Lloyd Kaufman online NOW and STREAMING on the TheSOP.com (Student Operated Press)’s American Perspective Radio Program!

September 12: There is still room for volunteers at Toxic Avenger book signings! This is your chance to appear as Toxie or a Tromette with Lloyd Kaufman! See the Events section for details.

September 11: Massive thanks goes out to the “regular fan” who made a whopping $100 contribution to the TromaDance Fund this weekend! EVERY BIT HELPS! And thanks to all of you $5 people, as well. IT ALL ADDS UP! We’ll keep you posted on the latest events! Look out for the 2007 site at the end of the week!

September 11: Check out out Cannes photos in the Tromatic Fan Mail submitted by super-Troman, Matthias Diefenbache from Germany who has held a tradition for over 15 years of taking a photo with Lloyd at the Cannes Film Festival while including a picture of the previous photo taken with Lloyd from the year before! We salute you, Matthias! We salute you.

September 11: Remembering 5 Years Since September 11th in Tromaville. Revisit Lloyd’s Roid about THE UNSUNG HERO OF 911: THE AMERICAN MAINSTREAM MEDIA!

September 11: VOTE FOR A CAUSE WHERE YOUR VOTE REALLY COUNTS! Lloyd would like to ask you all to support his picks for 4 of the categories for the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards, SLiTHER! Support Tromalum James Gunn and show Fangoria with YOUR votes which film REALLY had the “Highest Body Count” and “Looks That KILL” among others! Check out Fuse.TV/Chainsaw to vote NOW!

September 11: Look for new releases September 19th in Tromaville! That is all.

September 11: Massive thanks goes out to the “regular fan” who made a whopping $100 contribution to the TromaDance Fund this weekend! EVERY BIT HELPS! And thanks to all of you $5 people, as well. IT ALL ADDS UP! We’ll keep you posted on the latest events! Look out for the 2007 site at the end of the week!

September 11: Check out out Cannes photos in the Tromatic Fan Mail submitted by super-Troman, Matthias Diefenbache from Germany who has held a tradition for over 15 years of taking a photo with Lloyd at the Cannes Film Festival while including a picture of the previous photo taken with Lloyd from the year before! We salute you, Matthias! We salute you.

August 30: BE A FRIEND OF TROMADANCE! The 8th Annual TromaDance Film Festival now has a new MySpace Film Page online at www.MySpace.com/TromaDance! Be a friend and support independent cinema! New website coming soon!

August 30: Hey STUDENTS! It’s Back to School and Back to Internship Time in Tromaville! Few available spots still left for interns looking to get credits and independent film experience! Check out the Troma Internship Page and email this questionnaire to mailto:[email protected]?subject=Internship%20Query!

August 25: This week you’re getting a double dose of gossip, production photos, and complaining as Andy Deemer unveils chapters 10 and 11 for YOU to get inside the mind of a POULTRYGEIST PRODUCER! The Journals of Andy Deemer! More intrigue! More drama! More MORE!

August 24: Tromapalooza Schedule Pushed Back! New Deadline for September 8th! Get your entry form HERE! You still have time!

August 24: TROMAPALOOZA 2006 IS ON, BABY! Friday October 27th 2006@ The Boro Bar and Grill, Murfreesboro, TN (25 miles south of Nashville)
Bands Include: Skullkin • Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre • Trent Summar and The New Row Mob • Biff’s DeVille • Butcherpriest • Lady Gia Bathory
Special Appearance by Lloyd Kaufman and The Toxic Avenger! Troma Merchandise will be available – Admission $7.00! Be there!

August 24: BEG! has a new home! Check out RobertGoldenPictures.com to see the official site for this “Best of the Fest”-winning cult Troma Classic!

August 23: Kasting makes “The Cut” in Short Film Competition! First time horror director Alyosha Saari of London is the £5000 winner of the Zone Horror CUT! Short Film Competition in which Lloyd Kaufman was one of the judges! Read the whole article!

August 23: NEW provocative interview online NOW with Lloyd Kaufman conducted by JAREPRIME for HorrorWatch.com during the HorrorFind Weekend in Maryland! Whew!

August 23: Lloyd Kaufman plays a small – but important! – role in the Dutch horror film Horizonica by Ramon Etman. The movie will premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival, which is held from 27 September to 6 October in Utrecht, near Amsterdam. For more info on the festival and screenings, check out FilmFestival.nl/en/!

August 23: Our friends over at TromaDance New Mexico have just sent us their latest Schedule of Events and Screenings for their September Festivities!

August 23: MORE VIDEOS… now of the Troma Team at Cannes! Check out this 9 min. raucous filled vignette of the freakshow we lovingly call the Troma Parade! Edited by Tromaggot from Germany. Hope you have good bandwith…

August 23: Congratulations to Justin Channel, Webmaster for Tromatized.TromaMovies.com, who has just released the teaser for his next film, Die & Let Live! which features Lloyd Kaufman. Check it out at MySpace.com/DieAndLetLive! AND, FANGORIA.com has done an in depth write up on the IWC director and his new film!

August 23: NEW TROMAIL! Check out this note from future stripper, hence probable future Troma movie starlet, Nick Wooley!

August 23: Check out this Google Video featuring Lloyd Kaufman in this new film from Truth in Creativity Productions, The Cops Made Me Do It!

August 18: Bob from Texas sends us his review of Lloyd Kaufman’s Make Your Own Damn Movie book!

August 18: NEW Tromail from Dewn Undah! Chris from Australia sends us his photos from Lloyd’s recent visit!

August 15: Washington Post proclaims The Best of TromaDance, Volume 4 as a cult DVD “dose of summer horror-camp!” (middle of page) Also making the cult grade is Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace featuring Lloyd Kaufman as the Man in the Hat by our friends from Odessa Filmworks whose behind the scenes footage is in the MYODM Boxset!

August 15: Robert Golden’s BEG! lauded as a “modern day masterpiece” by AssociatedContent.com film critic, Gennaro Desposito! Check out his “review of a new classic” or find out what all the praise is about yourself!

August 15: Shout out to fellow Jersey Boy, Kevin Smith, who was reported by Brookldale Public Radio to have played trailers for The Toxic Avenger & Waitress! as part of highlighting some of his favorite cult films at a recent screening he held in Red Bank, NJ.

August 15: Rave reviews for the NEW bonus footage from Troma’s NEW Tromeo & Juliet 10th Anniversary Special Edition Double-Disc DVD Set! Check out the glowing comments from the Riverfront Times by Jordan Harper, or just get all the great bonus footage yourself right NOW!

August 15: “BLOOD WRESTLING: ONLY AT GENGHIS CON II: THE WRATH OF CON!” As if meeting L.K. and the Troma Team weren’t enough of an incentive, now you’ll get hot gynos wrestling in fake blood! Story by FilmThreat.com. Get more Appearances info HERE!

August 14: The “Be A Chicken Zombie” is now officially CLOSED! Thank you to the thousands upon thousands of entrants who submitted to get this unique opportunity to be in Troma’s next egg-cellent fowl feature, POULTRYGEIST! More details to be announced as they arrive!

August 11: Troma Team Buffalo gets mad drunk. Then realizes that we start shooting in 14 days. At the same time, the star of the film gets cold feet, and we start rehearsing Kiel for the role of Arbie. All in CHAPTER 9 of the Poultrygeist production journals by Andy Deemer!

August 10: New Troma Fan Mail with pictures! Sent in by Adam Leibig, Jeff from Texas, Rhea Caine, Val from Russia, Erin from Ohio, Dale Devries, and Leslie Chartier!

August 10: NEW additions to Troma World!

August 9: New addition to the Lloyd Kaufman, ACTOR section! Lloyd co-stars in Larry Longstreth’s 16mm film “The Losers Have A Junkyard” from Bullcrank Productions!

August 9: Check out the Lloyd Kaufman intro on YOUTUBE for the new indie film, DREAM REAPER from Hack Movies Productions! Make sure to Search “TROMA” on YOUTUBE (or just click here) to watch your favorite Troma clips which we’re lovingly uploading for you with new ones being added all the time!

August 8: NEW ACTIUM MAXIMUS DVD SHELF! Actium reveals new DVD Easter Eggs and details about the new T&J Double-Disk Set!

August 8: NEW RELEASE DAY IN TROMAVILLE! TROMEO & JULIET 10TH ANNIV. EDITION DVD is only available through the Troma Studio Store from August 8th to the 21st. This set does NOT hit retails stores until August 22nd, but you can get yours NOW! Also check out the Roan Group release, WHERE TRAILS DIVIDE!

August 8: Our French friends over at HORREUR.COM have the new LE TROMA DU MOIS posted highlighting the Troma import ANGEL NEGRO! Cool stills from the film are posted for the French language impaired! Review by Colin VETTIER.

August 8: Updated photos now online for the Troma Team at the San Diego Comic Con 2006, Cinema Wasteland 2006, Lloyd’s Master Class at Coney Island, the Texas Frightmare 2006, and Lloyd’s Master Class at the Boston Underground Film Festival!

August 8: NEW COCK TEASER cluck full of personal photos and harsh realities on set from the journals of POULTRYGEIST producer, Andy Deemer!

August 2: Check out ALL the photos from Toxie’s Novel Release Party HERE! When it’s a Troma Party, you know it’s worth looking at…

August 2: See CANNIBAL! THE MUSICAL Live! Latest stage incarnation to take place August 25th to September 16th performed by the Landless Theatre Co. in Washington, DC. Our own Tromette LABIA is cast as horny virgin boy George Noon! Get your tickets at LandlessTheatre.org!

August 1: New York Magazine Lloyd Kaufman & Toxie Portraits Online! These portraits were taken during Lloyd’s interview regarding THE TOXIC AVENGER Novel for New York Magazine by their house photographer, Brad Paris.

August 1: LOLLILOVE announced on Amazon.com’s list of 50 best DVDs of the year so far at #25, ahead of the new DAZED AND CONFUSED Criterion disc at 26, HOSTEL at 29, and a bunch of Oscar winners, including GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK at 44!

July 32: There’s only 31 days in July.

July 27: ZOMBIEGEDDON FANS! Check out this interview with Ari Bavel who stars in the future cult classic film as the bad-ass cop, CAGE!

July 24: See what happens when sweet Uncle Lloydie comes to Buffalo. A few hints: one of the art directors turns out to actually be color blind, the star of the film disappears, and something leads the landlady to start the eviction process. Courtesy of POULTRYGEIST Producer, Andy Deemer on PoultrygeistMovie.com/Journal!

July 21: NYC TROMA FANS!!! Meet star of CITIZEN TOXIE Heidi Sjursen and see her NEW movie, “FRENCHIE THE CLOWN” premiering this SATURDAY, JULY 22ND, 11:15PM at the ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES located at 32 2ND AVE. @ 2ND ST. Don’t miss the after party at Rated X-the Panty Party located at Luke & Leroy, 21 7th Ave South & Leroy Street. COME ON DOWN & JOIN US FOR AN EVENING OF NON-STOP FUN & EXCITEMENT! BRING DIAPERS, YOU MIGHT CRAP YOUR PANTS!

July 21: Lloyd Kaufman’s Master Class at University of Southern California TODAY! 10:00AM – 1:00PM!

July 20: TROMA ON YOUTUBE! When you have to resist a gyno’s derriere, do you think of LLOYD KAUFMAN!? You’re not alone, as this YOUTube Promo for “Something To Be Desired” shows! Check out these photos from the film shoot! See what I mean?…

July 19: Check out how the Toxic Avenger reduced this fan’s jail time! Only in the LATEST Troma Fan Mail from all over the world! Submitted by Josh, Blaine, Chris, George, and a heartfelt Debbie Rochon tribute by Steven!

July 19: NEW Tromatic Fan Essay, “Independent Cinema & the Troma Style: My Interview with Lloyd Kaufman” by Charlie Guzman!

July 19: NEW YouTube movie excerpts online from recent demented Troma Library addition, EVOLVED! Get your sneek peak!

July 19: NEW DVD Retribution review for Troma’s TERROR FIRMER!

Mickey Spillane Documentary on the BLACK BOX COLLECTIONMickey Spillane, featured in the BLACK BOX COLLECTIONJuly 18: Acclaimed crime writer Mickey Spillane has died after a long illness. He was 88. Born Frank Morrison Spillane in Brooklyn, New York in 1918, the author is best remembered as the creator of top TV and movie sleuth Mike Hammer, who appeared in his very first book, “I, The Jury,” in 1947. The Original pilot episode for this rare 1954 Television Classic, “Mike Hammer” as well as the Bio-Documentary about him simply entitled, “Mickey Spillane” are on THE MAX ALLAN COLLINS’ BLACK BOX: SHADES OF NEO NOIR currently 40% discounted in the Troma Studio Store. Spillane once boasted, “I’m the most translated writer in the world, behind Lenin, Tolstoy, Gorki and Jules Verne. And they’re all dead.” Thanks for the memories.

July 18: BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT! More about our sizzling Tromette of the Month for July 2006, AMANDA FIRE, for you to see!

July 17: NEW ACTIUM MAXIMUS! NEW ACTIUM MAXIMUS! Whether you want to be informed, or disturbed, Actium has you covered with Troma’s newest new releases!

July 17: NYC AREA TROMA FANS! Part 2 of the interview with Mr. Lloyd Kaufman conducted by Ms. Divine will be airing on Ms. Divine’s Tee Hee Heure (Queens Public TV), July 17th, 8:30pm EST, TONIGHT on Channel 34 and encoring again, July 19th, 1:30pm, Channel 56.

July 14: Almost 100 strangers crowd into the church basement to sing protest songs. Andy receives a verbal flogging that begins with “I’ll take a fucking 82 year old midget at this point… Where is the tape of the fat man singing?… ” And the WB news-team shows up to document the travesty that will become… Poultrygeist! Online NOW on PoultrygeistMovie.com/Journal by producer Andy Deemer!

July 14: The Moonlight Cafe has sent over the links to some streaming UTube interviews with Lloyd Kaufman, Debbie Rochon, Producer Eric Butts, and Writer/Director Jerry Williams about their new film, ZEPPO, featuring Lloyd and Debbie as the President and Empress Molly, respectively.

July 14: How lucky Chicago is! JUST ANNOUNCED! Not only does Chi-Town get Lloyd and the Troma Team at the Flashback Weekend, but Lloyd Kaufman will also be doing a book signing meet & greet for THE TOXIC AVENGER Novel on July 28th at Borders Book Store at 7:00PM! Get all the details!

July 12: NEWS FLASH! CAMERA-PERSON NEEDED FOR L.A. POULTRYGEIST FILM SHOOT! Get all the details of how to apply HERE!!!

July 12: Is CANNIBAL! THE MUSICAL becoming the new GREASE? Since the success of the Gay Cabaret production in Seattle, WA this spring, 2 more productions are now in the works across the country! Colorado’s Backstage Theatre is currently looking for a CANNIBAL Musical Director while Indiana’s FireHouse Theater held auditions this week! Maybe you can still be “Cow Bell Guy?”

July 12: Tis the season for DARK Xmas in July! Check out these freshly unearthed photos with captions from Dark Xmas 2005 featuring the lovely ladies of POULTRYGEIST! Also, new photos from Lloyd’s Word Book Tour visit for the TOXIC AVENGER Novel in Pittsburgh, PA!

July 11: What has boobies, drugs, and transcends the barriers of foreign language? Well according to ace DVD reviewer Colin Vettier of France’s Horruer.com, it’s Troma’s MEAT WEED MADNESS! Click here to read his review and see his expertly picked stills from the movie! (Hint: It’s pictures of boobies.)

July 11: AUSTRALIAN TROMITES! Win over 20 FREE Troma DVD’s! Click HERE to find out how!

July 11: Retraction – The upcoming ZOMBIEGEDDON Cast DVD Signing is in fact this Saturday, July 15th as was confirmed on the site of the venue at Dark Delicacies, and not tomorrow July 12th. We apologize for the mix up, and hope those who can, show up and have a good time at this DVD debut celebration!

July 10: Mr. Skin has just posted skin-tastic reviews for the boobie-liscious Troma hits, Meat Weed Madness“You don’t have to be stoned to enjoy this!”… [more] and Best of Too Hot for Troma’s Edge TV 2“Debbie Rochon [is] certainly responsible for the ‘Too Hot’ adjective phrase of the title”… [more] !!!

July 10: POUTRYGEIST is the feature story on PopMatters.com detailing a visit to Tromaville and “how the Internet has changed the meaning of indie film!”

July 10: Horror Talk Radio DeadPit.com’s FEATURED streaming broadcast is their indepth interview with, you guessed it, your own Uncle Lloydie Kaufman! Check out it!

July 10: Meet the star of CITIZEN TOXIE, Heidi Sjursen at the premiere for her new film, FRENCHIE THE CLOWN, which features Lloyd Kaufman… in spandex! SATURDAY, JULY 22ND 11:15PM @ ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES • 32 2ND ST @ 2ND AVE. See Heidi’s new MySpace page for more details!

July 10: AintItCool.com’s Quint declares the July 22nd Comic Con panel with your own Lloyd Kaufman and famed cartoonist, Batton Lash to be “the 2nd biggest panel of Comic-Con as far as I’m concerned!” Check out the details on this unique semi-Master Class panel!

July 10: NEWS FLASH: TROMEO & JULIET 10th Ann. DVD FULL THANKS TO YOU!!! Space for fan submissions is now full of your best, brightest, and bizarrest home-grown Tromeo-atic re-enactments! Thank you to everyone who spent the time to send us your reels! Check out the progress and get free downloads on the Official MySpace page, MySpace.com/Tromeo10!

July 7: Two PAs are beaten by a gang of vicious thugs, Lloyd realizes this crew is the worst he’s ever worked with, and Andy receives even more valuable advice from Trent Haaga, all online TODAY on PoultrygeistMovie.com/Journal!

July 6: Check out Amanda Fire, the Tromette for July 2006! She’ll make it feel like summer all year long, in your pants!

July 5: Part 1 of Lloyd Kaufman’s interview by the lovely Ms. Divine will be airing on Ms. Divine’s Tee Hee Heure, on Queens Public TV, July 5th, Wednesday Channel 56 @1:30pm. For those who can’t catch it, watch her, uh, I mean the interview with Lloyd HERE! For more information on Ms. Divine and show times, go to www.MsDivine.net!

July 5: Hope you had a Crappy Independence Day! Now, to the important issues…

June 29: NEW movies and photos added to Lloyds Acting repertoire! Check out the ACTOR section for behind the scenes photos and links to Lloyd’s outtakes from Die & Let Live!

June 29: Film Threathas reviewed Troma’s alien-riffic June 2006 release, ROCK ‘N’ ROLL SPACE PATROL, or as the kids on the street call it, RNRSPAIG!

June 28: LLOYD’S GOING DOWN… UNDER that is! Check out the new updated Appearances and Screening Events listed! Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma to officially invade (oxymoron? maybe…) Melbourne Underground and Perth International Film Festivals mid July with a MASTER CLASS and a classy screening! GET WITH IT!

June 28: New interview with Lloyd Kaufman on Movie2Movie.nl! Interview is in Dutch, but Lloyd’s photos speak the international language of “Art!”

June 28: Digital-Retribution.com has posted a minty fresh review of Troma’s Dogpile 95 fav, Tales From The Crapper!

June 27: Justin Channell, Webmaster for Troma’s Official Fan Site, has chronicled Lloyd Kaufman’s film shoots for Kiss Of Death Production’s latest epic, I, THE KILLER and Justin’s next movie, DIE & LET LIVE. Check out the behind the scenes photos, Lloyd’s outtakes, and melodrama!

June 27: Listen to this radio spot Lloyd Kaufman recorded in Pittsburg last week for the OTHER hottest upcoming musical out there, FROZTY THE ABOMINBALE SNOWMAN! “Tell them Lloyd Kaufman sent you!”

June 27: Check out these NEW PHOTOS of the Troma Team from their invasion of the 2006 Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France! Did someone say, “water?”

NOWHERE MAN SCREENING WITH DEBBIE ROCHON & LLOYD KAUFMAN IN PERSON!June 26: BIG SCREEN EVENT TONIGHT!!! Co-Stars Lloyd Kaufman and Debbie Rochon appearing IN PERSON to meet and greet everyone and present the black comedy, film noir feature NOWHERE MAN at the Pioneer Theater in NYC TONIGHT, June 26th at 7:00 PM. Get your tickets NOW! This is a very important event for everyone involved with making the film and all the support will be greatly appreciated! Click here for more info on this event!

June 23: Lloyd Kaufman will be at the Border’s Book Store in Tempe, Arizona TONIGHT at 7:00pm to read and sign copies of his latest literary epic, THE TOXIC AVENGER: the Novel! More info HERE…

June 23: Lloyd Kaufman & FANGORIA Radio Get Sirius – FRIDAY, JUNE 30th 10 p.m. EST on Sirius Satellite channel 102! FANGORIA Radio will be hosted by rock star Dee (STRANGELAND) Snider of Twisted Sister fame and scream queen Debbie Rochon! Read the article on FANGORIA.com!

June 22: Front page news for POULTRYGEIST over at Horruer.com! Check out Colin Vettier’s review of the Rough Cut Screening that has been getting so much praise! For the French language impaired, it’s loaded with stills from the movie! See why POULTRYGEIST get’s his “Highest Mark!”


June 22: Check out the website for one of Troma’s newest and, dare I say, strangest films, THE EVOLVED at www.TheEvolved.co.uk!

June 22: NEW SUMMER SIZZLER SALE TODAY! Watch our prices melt 40% OFF THE ENTIRE STORE! 1 Week Only Sale going until June 29th, so save now in the Troma Studio Store! (Discount will be automatically applied at checkout)

Uderground Vincent ShermanJune 20: In Memoriam of VINCENT SHERMAN: Friend of The Roan Group, Famed Hollywood legend and the last surviving director from the Golden Age of Film, Vincent Sherman passed away from natural causes Sunday night at the age of 99; he would have turned 100 on July 16th of this year. Sherman, who directed (and romanced) Bette Davis, Rita Hayworth and Joan Crawford during his heyday as a leading Hollywood filmmaker in the 1940s and ’50s, led a fascinating life story including being blacklisted by Hollywood’s communist “Red Scare,”Vincent Sherman which can be read about in his 1996 autobiography STUDIO AFFAIRS, and interviews with him conducted by Lloyd Kaufman can viewed on selected Roan Group titles, including his 1941 directorial Nazi wartime drama, UNDERGROUND. For more information, read this informative eulogy on Jam.Canoe.Ca or visit the Official Vincent Sherman Website. Vincent, you were a class act, a friend of Troma, & will be greatly missed.

June 20: A skip down Memory Lane: Check out this fanmail sent to Vincent Sherman, VIA Citizen’s of Tromaville Fanmail from 2004 (scroll to 4th letter). Dearest Vincent Sherman…

June 20: Lloyd Kaufman is spotlighted on the home page of Film Fetish.com’s 35 mm Photo of the Week as “Indie Film’s Holy Grail” and praises the new TOXIC AVENGER NOVEL as “An enjoyable read for any sci-fi, cult film and pop culture aficionado.” Check it out!

June 16: CONFESSIONS OF A POULTRYGEIST PRODUCER: The Journals of Andy Deemer! In this NEW weekly feature, we’ll bring you highlights from Andy’s belated and bellicose blog, carrying us from the early days of pre production, all the way to the last day of filming on this chicken-zombie masterpiece. Four-score PAs, a cast of hundreds, and only one shower: this is the story of the making of Poultrygeist… SEE FOR YOURSELF!

June 16: NEW TROMA PRESS! One of Norway’s hottest newspapers, DAGBLADET, pays tribute to Troma and talks to Lloyd Kaufman about his Master Class at the Norwegian Short Film Festival!

June 16: Lloyd Kaufman is at the Norwegian Short Film Festival this weekend! Master Class TODAY and Troma Screening tomorrow! Check out all the info!

LolliLove!June 15: LOLLILOVE Screening Announcement! Screen the future Troma Cult Classic starring Jenna Fischer & James Gunn in New York City on July 5th for only 5 bucks! Find out all the details!

June 15: IconsOfFright.com features photos of Lloyd Kaufman in his favorite shade of lipstick, and highlights all the Tromatic highjinks during the FANGORIA WEEKEND OF HORROR in Burbank, CA!

June 15: Troma’s other French Fiends, Horreur.com have posted a NEW REVIEW about one of our most controversial and highly acclaimed films, BEG! Reviewed by Colin Vettier. BEG! available NOW in the Troma Studio Store!

June 15: NEW Fanmail urging Lloyd Kaufman to help “Stop the Muzzling of Twelve Year Old Mustached Political Prisoners”… Really, I have no idea, I just post this stuff. Decide for yourself.

June 15: NEW UPDATES for Troma Team Events in the Appearances & Screenings!

June 15: Mr. Skin has posted their NEW Nude Celebrity Movie Reviews of sexy gyno packed Troma classics TALES FROM THE CRAPPER & TERROR FIRMER! Check it out!

June 15: Our friends over at GORE FRANCE have posted an indepth (French) interview with Lloyd Kaufman during Troma’s attack of the Cannes Film Festival! Check out the tons of NEW Troma photos available to look at from the Troma Parade!

June 13: New praise about TOXIC AVENGER Novel on Cinescape.com! Review by columnist, Brian Thomas.

June 13: “Shark Monster In Bed with Toxic Avenger!” Check out this new write up about Troma’s latest freaky feature, THE EVOLVED. Check out the film’s website at www.TheEvolved.co.uk!

June 9: AintItCool.com spotlights last night’s POULTRYGEIST Rough Cut Screening on their front page! Check it out the first reviews!

June 9: The Baltimore City Paper praises TOXIC AVENGER: the Novel (scroll to down to second half of the page)! Review by Gary Dowell.

June 7: Check out this YOUTUBE.com movie featuring “Uncle Lloydie” being interviewed about the new Toxic Avenger Novel on CNN’s Showbiz Tonight!

June 7: Horrueur.com in France has just posted their RABID GRANNIES review, and a biography of our Troma Chief, Lloyd Kaufman!

June 7: Our friends over at RogueCinema.com have posted some Troma-rific incites about their recent MOTHER’S DAY Screening, a ZOMBIEGEDDON review (Troma DVD release for July 2006), and an indepth interview with the film’s director, Chris Watson!

June 7: No hangovers in Tromaville today after the grand Teach A Chicken How To Read Fowl Ball for the Toxie Novel Release! Scandalous photos to come! Now enough clucking around, here’s some Troma News!

June 6: Check out these photos from the BookExpo America 2006 in Washington, DC where THE TOXIC AVENGER: the Novel debuted last month!

June 6: Lloyd Kaufman event TODAY!!! Meet the legendary indie filmmaking hero and get your book (and I guess poster, movie, or small, supple boob) signed at Barnes & Noble Astor Place, New York, NY on June 6th at 7:00pm. Lloyd will be there to celebrate the new release of The Toxic Avenger: The Novel! Get there early!

June 5: Cannes NEWSFLASH! The BBC documentary “In The Cannes” will be on Radio 1 tonight at 11:30 pm GMT (that means 6:30 EST here in NYC), 97-99fm, during Lamacq Live. You can listen to it live, or at any time for the next week on “Listen again.”

June 5: ROCK ‘N’ ROLL SPACE PATROL: ACTION IS GO! review on by Bill Gibron, who calls this new Troma June 2006 release, “…without a doubt, one of the funniest, freshest and most freaked out releases of 2006.”

June 5: NEW Actium Maximus’ DVD Shelf! Get the inside scoop on Troma’s newest titles!

June 5: Lloyd Kaufman interview in the New York Metro Magazine about TOXIC AVENGER: the Novel!

June 5: “SIX! SIX SIX! The Number of the – CHICKEN!” Tomorrow, the highly anticipated Toxie’s Help Teach a Chicken How to Read Secret Fowl Ball is happening after Lloyd Kaufman’s NYC book signing for the TOXIC AVENGER: the Novel! Find out how to get your VIP ticket to the party!

June 2: NEW Troma Press Update! Fangoria Magazine interviews Lloyd Kaufman about THE TOXIC AVENGER: THE NOVEL!

June 1: SuicideGirls.com features Lloyd Kaufman’s latest interview about TOXIC AVENGER: THE NOVEL! Interview by Daniel Robert Epstein!

June 1: NYC is getting ready to party down for the HELP TEACH A CHICKEN HOW TO READ: TOXIE’S SECRET FOWL BALL and Lloyd Kaufman’s National Book Tour as was announced today by The New York Press!

June 1: Watch this interview conducted in Cannes with Lloyd Kaufman that has just been posted on Galacticast.com, a brand new tri-weekly video-podcast covering the world of Sci-Fi & Horror!

June 1: TOXIC AVENGER: the Novel is the lead story today on TheLAReport.com!

June 1: POULTRYGEIST POSTER News Flash! Make your opinion count! Click HERE to vote for your favorite POULTRYGEIST movie poster image!

June 1: Check out these photos taken at the Boston Underground Film Festival (an official sponsor of TromaDance!) on March 25th, 2006, by talented Boston photographer, Bruce Bettis on ZeroFlesh.com! For more Tromatic BUFF photos, check out their website!

June 1: YEAH! The Official start of Hurricane Season! As well as the anniversary of other events in history occurring on this day in:

  • 193 – Roman Emperor Marcus Didius is assassinated in his palace.
  • 1495 – Friar John Cor records the first known batch of scotch whisky.
  • 1815 – Napoleon swears fidelity to the Constitution of France.
  • 1967 – The Beatles album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is released. It knocks Headquarters by The Monkees out of the #1 spot and remains there all summer long.
  • 2006 – BaddTemper is honored as Tromette for June 2006 on Troma.com!

And please remember to observe Nirvana of Buddhists.

May 30: At the most recent Book Expo of America held in Washington D.C. last week, the lovely Miss Tromaville spent a few moments chatting with Twinkie the Kid, a gym pal and oft spank partner of the Toxic Avenger. Like Toxie, Twinkie knows firsthand the harmful effects of toxic waste and preservatives, and has given “Two Deformed Thumbs Up!” about Lloyd Kaufman’s latest book, TOXIC AVENGER: THE NOVEL.
Troma’s underpaid yet appreciated publicist has issued a stern “no comment” regarding widespread rumors of Lloyd’s weakness for Twinkie’s hot, creamy filling and soft buns.

VAMPIRA: The MovieMay 30: Lloyd Kaufman will be featured in the upcoming documentary VAMPIRA: THE MOVIE about Vampira, TV’s first horror host and star of Edward D. Wood Jr.’s PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE. Says Kaufman:
“…Vampira, she is very intelligent and made an impact, especially on those (with big tits) who came afterward.”
VAMPIRA: THE MOVIE features interviews with Maila “Vampira” Nurmi herself, as well as a plethora of B-Movie greats, horror hosts, and sexy Troma starlets influenced by the vampy horror goddess. For more information, check out http://myspace.com/vampiramovie!

May 25: 25% OFF ENTIRE STORE FOR TROMA’S CLASS OF 2006! Whether you just received your Troma Diploma or just graduated from the school of Hard Knox, Troma is rewarding your efforts with a whooping 25% OFF you Order Total! That means EVERYTHING IN THE STORE IS ON SALE! Your favorite shirts, DVDs, VHSs, books for your summer reading list, & Tromabilia are ALL DISCOUNTED! This special offer expires June 12th, 2006 (your discount will be automatically applied at checkout before shipping & taxes).

May 23: New York City Troma Fans- If you are interested in being part of a focus group test screening for a rough, preliminary cut of POULTRYGEIST, learn how you can RSVP by clicking HERE. Space is extremely limited.

May 23: New Lloyd Kaufman: Actor update! Check out the onset photos of SUSAN LOVES LOBSTERS, featuring Lloyd Kaufman… and a LOBSTER!

May 23: The Troma Team has been busy gearing up for the 2006 Cannes Film Festival! Check out the information on how and where you can meet Lloyd, and the Troma Team and get a sneak peak at Troma’s newest films to debut!

May 12: Check out the new fanmail recently sent to Troma from all over the world!

May 11: Lloyd Kaufman Toxic Avenger: The Novel book signing “Meat & Greets” in Arizona, Pennsylvania, & California just announced on Troma’s Events!

May 11: TromaDance Music Update! A message from the man in charge, James Bernardinelli:

Thank you to all those who have submitted music for consideration to be used in the upcoming Tromadance Documentary! Those whose Tromatic tunes will be used in the film will be contacted soon!

May 11: Lloyd Kaufman to judge CUT! THE HORROR CHANNEL SHORT FILM COMPETITON! Entrants are encouraged to send in a two-minute horror film. Films will be judged by an elite panel of horror and film experts including Rob Tapert (The Grudge and The Evil Dead), our own Lloyd “Unka Lloydie” Kaufman, and renowned journalist and film critic Alan Jones. The winner will receive £5000 and the top films will be shown to a packed public theatre at the next prestigious Frightfest Film Festival at The Odeon in Leicester Square, London. Full details are available on their website at www.TheHorrorChannel.tv.

May 11: Troma would like to extend a congratulations to Troma alumni, Joe Lynch, for making good use of his experience working on Terror Firmer and being chosen to direct Wrong Turn 2, the sequel to the 2003 hit, Wrong Turn. If Henry Rollins (who is cast in this sequel) likes Joe, I would say that makes him pretty damn alright with me! Read about it here!

May 9: BY INVITATION ONLY! Invites for 2 will be given out at Lloyd Kaufman’s book signing at Barnes & Noble on June 6th with purchase of Toxic Avenger: The Novel, or come to Fontana’s with your Toxie book, invite or proof of purchase. Come party with Lloyd and the Troma Team for an extra special thank you for the fans!*
Help Teach a Chicken How To Read: Toxie’s Secret Fowl Ball
When: 6-6-06 Time: 9pm Where: Fontana’s 105 Eldridge St. NYC, NY

*You need more than the book for sexual party favors.

May 9: Special Tromatic Offer! Uncle Lloydie says his latest entertainment pick is the new thriller, Burleigh Grime$, a new comic play around the corner from Troma HQ in NYC! “…SEX…MONEY…ROCK ‘N ROLL…. AH, THE HEDGE FUND LIFE!” For all performances from May 23 through June 12, you can buy tickets for the abnormal price of $35 each ($70 normally). Merely call (212) 631-7870 between 11am – 5pm Mondays thru Fridays and mention “Troma Films” to take advantage of this offer! Check out their website for more show info!

May 8: Check out this “Three Year Old Loves Troma” mini movie on YouTube.com! Maybe the next generation stands a chance after all…

May 8: FANGORIA.com gets Doubly Tromatized! Lloyd Kaufman is mentioned twice on Fangoria.com this week. Once for the announcement about him being cast in the new cult thriller flick by Seth Landau, BRYAN LOVES YOU, and again for being one of the esteemed guests to be appearing at Fango Con in Burbank, CA on June 2nd through the 4th, 2006! Check out the appearances to get caught up on all the latest Troma events!

May 5: Updated Lloyd Kaufman appearance! Meet the legendary indie filmmaking hero and get your book (and I guess poster, movie, or small, supple boob) signed at Barnes & Noble Astor Place, New York, NY on June 6th at 7:00pm. Lloyd will be there to celebrate the new release of The Toxic Avenger: The Novel! Get there early!

May 4: New updates in Troma’s screenings & events! See if an area near YOU is getting TROMATIZED!

May 4: SURF NAZIS MUST DIE screening announced to be viewed at the Graffiti Film Festival in West Virginia this weekend! Also, Justin Channel, Webmaster for Tromatized.Tromamovies.com, will be screening his own film, RAISING THE STAKES (featuring a cameo by Lloyd Kaufman) at the same festival on Saturday, May 6th at 3:00pm! Click HERE for all the details

May 3: New Tromatic Vodcast of MYODM Online Crash Course, ” SOUND Advice!”

May 3: NEW LLOYD’S ROIDS! NEW LLOYD’S ROIDS! Read what Lloyd thinks about the new film, “UNITED 93″. You may be surprised…

May 2: Lloyd Kaufman and sexy Troma starlet, Debbie Rochon will be introducing the movie NOWHERE MAN at The Pioneer Theater Monday June 26th at 7:00 PM. They appear in the movie together! Click HERE to buy tickets to this special event!

May 2: LolliLove star, SLiTHER director & Troma alum, James Gunn, reveals SLiTHER’s DVD Extras, including “The King of Cult: Lloyd Kaufman’s On-Set Video Diary!”

May 1: Crappy May-Day! Here’s some random events that occurred on May 1st in History:

  • 1941 – Orson Welles’s Citizen Kane premieres in New York City
  • 1978 – The first e-mail spam was sent by a DEC marketing representative to every ARPANET address on the west coast of the United States
  • 2001 – Troma Pres. Lloyd Kaufman signs with St. Martin’s Press to write “MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN MOVIE!”
  • 2003 – 2003 invasion of Iraq: In what becomes known as the “Mission Accomplished” speech, President George W. Bush declares “major combat operations in Iraq have ended” on board USS Abraham Lincoln off the coast of California.

April 28: NEW items in the Troma Studio Store! New Tromeo & Juliet 4 Piece Collector’s Set and new Limited Edition Green Slime Toxie T-shirts custom made by HYPODERMIC DESIGN! Both items in reserved supply, so check them out while you can!

April 27: TromaDance New Mexico Press Release! New Mexico’s premiere independent film festival, is now accepting submissions! Find out how to submit YOUR movie!

April 25: New updates to Troma’s EVENTS & SCREENINGS pages!

April 25: A thought provoking “pointless thank you note” with interesting pop-cultural examinations from Troma fan, Nick, from Denver, CO.

April 24: TROMA STORE EXCLUSIVE! The long out-of-print Original Tromeo & Juliet Motion Picture Soundtrack to the landmark Troma release “Tromeo and Juliet” is in the studio store NOW! Includes music from Motorhead, Sublime, Superchunk, The Wesley Willis Fiasco, Brujeria, Willie Wisely and more! Check it out while supplies last!

April 21:NEW Cannibal! The Serial Episode 4 streaming online today at 6:00pm ET only on Troma.com!

April 20: CALL FOR TROMATIC MUSIC! Do you want your band’s music to help portray the legend that is TROMADANCE? We are seeking tromatic tunes for the soundtrack of the upcoming documentary on the annual Tromadance Film Festival!
Here are some fine, eclectic, Tromatic examples:

So send your most rocking, energetic, hardcore, softcore… anything-core, tromatic music for consideration! Please send music on CD to:

James Bernardinelli | 677 Huntington Ave. | Room G4 |Boston, MA 02115

April 19: Our friends at DVDRama.fr a.k.a Excessif.com have posted an in depth interview with Lloyd Kaufman on their site! They’ve been considerate of you non-Frenchish speaking folks though by posting lots of pictures and a video message from Lloyd (in French). Check it out!

April 19: Latest Poultrygeist! praise! “Scarier Then the Bird Flu” details cast interviews and Lloyd’s REAL inspiration behind POULTRYGEIST! Written by Daniel Johnson of the Suffolk Journal.

April 12: Troma.com and KlikVu have joined forces to bring the fans what they want! They want their Troma NOW! 3 of your favorite Troma movies are available for immediate streaming on your computer! Now you can watch BLOODSUCKING FREAKS, CITIZEN TOXIE, and TERROR FIRMER with the click of mouse! Check it out and enjoy!

April 12: While we were searching for Lloyd’s lost sanity in the vaults of the Troma dungeon, we found some buried treasure (the sanity was never recovered). Now we’re making available to YOU these classic, authentic TROMA MOVIE POSTERS never before available to the public from Troma! All posters are $3.00, signed by Lloyd Kaufman OR Michael Herz are $6.00, and signed by BOTH are One MILLION Dolllars ONLY $9.00! While supplies last, or before Carpal Tunnel Syndrome kicks in.

April 11: Attention cast, crew, & FANS of TROMEO AND JULIET! Be on the Commemorative 10th Anniversary Special Edition DVD! Find out the details HERE!

April 10: Recent Edition of Pickled Embryo podcast is all about TROMA! Troma super fans discuss Troma’s Filmography (past, present, & future), as well as the continuing age old debate, “Killer Pad vs. Killer Condom.”

April 10: The latest edition of the Australian Indie Film Nation, Episode 41 for April 4th, 2006 is now online featuring a Lloyd Kaufman interview plus a giveaway of DVD’s donated by Stomp! Check it out!

April 10: Fan review of Lloyd’s dramatic performance in SLiTHER. Tell us what YOU THINK?:

Lloyd, I’ve just seen Slither, and I’m glad to see you in the movie as sad drunk.
Awesome movie. Keep up the good work.
Anthony Lopez


Hell-O, m.Kaufman !!
Tonight, I went to see SLITHER with my girlfriend and truly loved it… :)
It was nice to see you on the big screen, not long after TOXIC was playing on t.v. … ?!! ;)
It’s fun the see that some peoples are still grateful from where they start in the business…
James’s movie is really great, and enough fun written.
This is really the kind of film I wish I’ll be able to make one day… ?!!

April 7: No, you weren’t blacked out in a coma for a month and it’s already May 10th! As an inside bonus for you loyal Tromites, Lloyd Kaufman is releasing limited copies of his epic, The Toxic Avenger: The Novel TODAY in the Troma Studio Store! If you get your novel from direct from Troma, Lloyd will personally autograph YOUR COPY! Check it out!

April 7: The day has come to put vision to sound! Check out the Poultrygeist! muzak video streaming now on Poultrygeistmovie.com or at Poultrygeist’s Official MySpace Film Page!

April 5: New Make Your Own Damn Movie Crash Course Vodcast up today! Learn about “Troma’s E-Z Bake Special Effects Recipe’s for Boy’s & Girls: THE HEAD CRUSH!” streaming ONLY on Troma, of course!

April 3: Thanks to all of you that rocked AND licked the vote, LolliLove won as MARCH’S USER CHOICE WINNER on MySpace Films!

March 31: Troma would like to congratulate a great friend and Tromalum, as well as a star of LOLLILOVE, James Gunn, for his national debut of SLiTHER in theaters across the country today! Check out these great photos featuring Lloyd Kaufman and the rest of the SLiTHER cast from the Chicago premiere of SLiTHER!

March 30: Random Troma Fun-ness! Check out this bizarre performance by Lloyd Kaufman doing what Lloyd does best: belittling young children in a southern drawl, in the film CRAZY ANIMAL by John Birmingham.

March 30: Opportunity to work beside Lloyd Kaufman! Digital video Camera Person position available for May 3rd & 4th! Click HERE for more details!

March 28: Troma’s screening list for Cannes Film Festival announced today! Check it out!

March 28: Tickets are available to purchase ahead of time to attend Lloyd Kaufman’s MasterClass at the ICFLM Independent Film Festival! The event may be a ways off, but all the more reason to get yours NOW!

March 27: Press Release from Troma Headquarters in NYC! New announcements have been released today about the progress of the 11th Anniversary Edition of Cannibal! The Musical! Click here to read more!

March 27: Blog review/overview of Troma’s appeal by MySpacer and Troma fan, JT!

March 24: Uncle Lloydie says, “Keep an eye on the independent movie, The Legend of Simon Conjurer!”

March 23: Lloyd Kaufman CONFIRMED as special guest at Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors in Burbank, CA on June 2nd-4th, 2006! Check out Fangoria.com’s write up on it!

March 17: But wait, there’s MORE from Fangoria.com! Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Team highlighted in the Fearful Feature among the great events at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors on March 4th in Illinois! Check out our other Troma Team events, too!

March 17: Fangoria.com announcement of Lloyd Kaufman at Toxic Avenger, the Novel book signing!

March 14: OUDaily.com’s cover story about starving artists inspired by Lloyd Kaufman to create the movie in his honor called “Toxie’s Terrible Roomate!” Read it and get inspired!

March 14: Check out Ryan’s Review from MySpace.com/RyansReviews of Lloyd’s Make Your Own Damn Movie DVD Boxset! The guy has very good taste!

March 13: Rock AND lick the vote! Vote for LOLLILOVE on MySpace Films!

March 10: Poultrygeist! The Movie! The Myspace! AAAAAAAHHHH!!! “You’re all gonna die-ie-ie-ie…” but at least you’ll have POULTRYGEIST as a friend!

March 8: New Troma Press! Check out the interview with Lloyd Kaufman from Skyline newspaper released this month and a 6 page full-color tits ‘n gas Troma Retrospective published by HorrorMania in Italy!

March 7: Watch the Brand-Spanking new Toxic Avenger: The Novel Commercial or download the MP4! WOW! (You’ll get it when you see it… what are you waiting for? GO WATCH!)

March 7: Go check out those Tromatic New Releases!!!

February 22: New Mr. Skinterview with Lloyd Kaufman posted on Mr. Skin Online! Lloyd talks Poultrygeist!, TromaDance, and Mr. Foreskin…?

February 22: The gossip is spreading around the entertainment scene like a young actress who can give the best head! “Toxic Avenger: The Musical” talk of invading Broadway is the official buzz on New York Daily News, United Press International, and others!

February 21: TUNE IN AGAIN! Lloyd returning victoriously this week to David Lee Roth Radio Show! Thursday, Feb. 23rd at 9:00AM Easter Time is when you can redeem yourself if you missed the first interview! You can also download or listen to Lloyd’s last Featured Audio interview on Dave’s site!

February 16: TUNE INTO THIS! Lloyd Kaufman will be on the David Lee Roth Radio Show! TOMORROW February 17th at 8AM on 92.3FREE FM!

February 15: New addition to Lloyd Kaufman’s acting credits posted! Checks out the pictures of Lloyd playing the President taken on the set for the film, Zeppo!

February 15: Lloyd Kaufman’s Make Your Own Damn Movie Online Crash Course Vodcast airs TODAY at 6:00PM Eastern Time! Go to http://www.troma.com/vodcast/ to see his first free lesson to you, “Get Your Wimmen Nekkid and Other Invaluable Casting Tips!” Be there!

February 15: Lloyd Kaufman’s acting outtakes featured in the DVD Extra’s on Metropolitan, which was released this week. Read the DVDTalk review!

February 14: “Eye Spy goes to a Frightmare Fest” in Texas and get’s some answers out of Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Fans!

February 8: DVDRama delivers a thorough review of Make Your Own Damn Movie DVD Boxset with many cool pictures for the French language impaired!

February 8: Get your MegaCon After Party Flyer! Party with Lloyd, awesome bands, Tromettes, & FREE BEER! World Premiere of the the music video for the hit song, “POULTRYGEIST!” by Calamari Safari only at this event!!!

February 8: WHERE IN THE WORLD IS, LLOYDIE-LLOYDIE-LYODIE? This week, see Lloyd Kaufman at the Sammler Börsen Comic/DVD/Figurine Convention in Borchum Germany on Sunday, Feb. 12th! To be followed by an appearance at Tromanale Independent Film Festival in Berlin!

February 8: Interesting Blog from Mysterious MySpacer detailing his trip to Tromaville – though after you read his truths we will have to hunt you all down… wait, WHY am I posting this again…?

February 8: Read latest letter thanking Lloyd’s book “Make Your Own Damn Movie” from Ryan!

February 2: “TromaDance: Still Making Their own Damn Movies,” the newest interview with Lloyd Kaufman about this year’s TromaDance on NewWest.net by contributing Editor, Mellissa McGibbon.

February 2: Lloyd Kaufman has officially joined the lineup of the next FANGORIA’s Weekend of Horrors convention, presented by Anchor Bay Entertainment, to be held in Chicago, IL, March 4-5, 2006. Check out the article on Fangoria’s Website!

February 1: Lloyd Kaufman can be heard on this week’s episode of the MakeshiftMajesty.com podcast! Lloyd jokes about sex with screenwriter Adam Hackbarth, who may also be remembered from the Class of Nuke ‘Em High Part IV contest! Also available is last week’s episode when James Gunn (Tromeo and Juliet) plugged his movie SLITHER, which invades theatres on March 31.

February 4: Lloyd Kaufman is attending the Texas Frightmare this weekend!

January 25: Lloyd Kaufman is on his way to TromaDance today!

January 20, 2006: Burning Paradise’s Kurly honors Lloyd’s Make Your Own Damn Movie DVD Box Set as his #1 pick for 2005!!! Check out the “Alibi” article!

January 19, 2006: LolliLove’s James Gunn to appear at CONFIRMED Lloyd and Troma Team appearance at Fangoria in March! Check EVENTS for more details!

January 16, 2006: Download January issue of Entertainment Wickedly to check out the articles about Troma and Lloyd Kaufman!

January 6, 2006: Your living-legend-friend, Lloyd Kaufman, and TromaDance Film Festival are gloriously lauded in Slug Magazine’s article entitled, “DANCE, ENNIS, DANCE!: The People’s History of Tromadance” by Erik Lopez.

January 1, 2006: New success story from David A. Lloyd inspired by Lloyd’s Kaufman’s “All I Need to Know About Filmmaking I Learned From The Toxic Avenger” and “Make Your Own Damn Movie” plus the “MYOD DVD Box Set”!

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