3rd May 2008

A Quick Look at TROMA Today!

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  • Troma is celebrating its 35th anniversary as, arguably, the longest running independent studio in film history.
  • Our most famous film, The Toxic Avenger, is being made into a musical by the producers of “Dirty Rotton Scoundrels” and with the music of Bon Jovi founding member, David Bryan.
  • On May 9th, 2008, our newest film “Poultrygeist” premieres in New York City, after prestigious festival screenings around the world. It will then premiere in LOS ANGELES on June 13.
  • Troma President Lloyd Kaufman is in the process of working on a new book for Reed Elsevier about auteur directing. It will be the second in the “Make Your Own Damn Movie” series, and will be followed by a book on producing. We expect a publication date in early 2009.
  • Lloyd was also recently elected chairman of the Independent Film & Television Alliance, a 200-member trade association of independent artists, actively involved in lobbying re: issues of net neutrality and media consolidation.
  • The first work of many of today’s notable stars, including Samuel l. jackson, Vincent D’Onofrio, and South Park’s Trey Parker, can be found in Troma’s
    library of over 700 films.

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