3rd December 2008

Midnight Video Shoot December 13th with Lloyd Kaufman

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“Midnight” video shoot. Directed by Lloyd Kaufman. Extras Wanted!

We are very excited to announce that we will start shooting our video for
“Midnight” this december. Our director is Lloyd Kaufman, iconic cult
filmaker, co-founder of Troma Entertainment and creator/director of The
Toxic Avenger. Lloyd gave many popular actors a start in his films, namely
Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Costner, and Robert De Niro and writers such as
James Gunn and Trey Parker & Matt Stone. Our director of photography, Caleb
Emerson, wrote and directed “Die You Zombie Bastards” as well as assistant
directed and co-starred in Lloyd’s latest masterpiece “Poultrygeist: Night
of the Chicken Dead”. The video stars two of our good friends James Connors
and Amy Dowen.

Now here is where you come in. On December 13th, we will need all of you at
the Airliner from 1-4 pm to be our audience. You get to have brains
splattered all over you! Fun right? The blood washes out so dont worry about
your clothes being ruined. In fact. we need you to dress your best. Now for
the part you’ll really like. Later that night, we will have a party with
beer and food for everyone who showed up to the shoot. The location and time
will be revealed to you at the shoot. So, if you want to be a part of all
this, you MUST RSVP to [email protected] If you do so before
December 1st, you will get in free. WE WANT YOU ALL THERE!!!!


The former is the blog and the latter is a link to the flyer we made on
photobucket. If it’s easier for you I can send this to whoever is in charge
of your myspace and the Troma website. Thanks.

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