6th May 2009

Kuwait a Minute!

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Please check out this video before reading the rest of this Lloyd’s ‘Roids:


Also, notice the amount of views on this video, over 150,000! I mean, it’s not quite as many as 2 Girls, 1 Cup. C’mon, it received ten times more than my Public Service Announcement about net neutrality and democracy on the internet.

First, let me add that I studied the Muslim religion and the Koran in College at Yale and not once did I find the message of hate and intolerance propagated like it is in this video. Turn the sound off and just take a look at this guy, it’s humorous to watch him with his bulging eyes, Joan Allen face lift, knock-off Cashmere scarf, and funny, misshapen head, as it contributes to his cartoon-ish ‘professor’ look. I think Joaquin Phoenix’s rap career looks more serious than this guy.  Now that you’ve seen the clip, if you turn the sound back on, you’ll realize what he’s saying is truly disturbing, disgraceful, and gut-wrenching (coming from me that says a lot, have you seen some of the movies that I’ve written?) Thanks to this goofball, I now have something else to worry about, like some nut throwing a suitcase full of Anthrax at the White House and killing a lot of people.

This guy is a professor from Kuwait? Does he have Alzheimer’s? Does he not remember that Iraq invaded Kuwait when George H. W. Bush was president and we stepped in and stopped the Iraqi soldiers from ripping babies’ oxygen chords from their mouths? What’s up with this, professor? And who are all these people applauding? Now they speak of one of their “brave soldiers” crossing the Mexican border with a suitcase packed with Anthrax to kill 330,000 Americans in one hour? Good thing we have border patrol to make sure this guy meets Allah earlier than planned!

We saved the French during World War II and it took them 50 years to hate the United States. It’s only been 15 years since we saved Kuwait, what have we done that was so horrible to make them hate us so quick? I guess we shouldn’t have risked our soldiers’ lives to save their crappy country.

Also, did you notice the elaborate form of this video? Who funded this? The channel broadcasting this looks elegant and well-funded like a respectable Kuwaiti version of CNN. It’s even got a stock ticker on the bottom with little red arrows next to everything….that means our economy isn’t the only one that sucks!

The point is, there is a shit-load of people out there taking what this nutjob is saying very seriously, and that’s why the Troma team wanted me to speak out about it.

I would love to know the criteria under which this guy became a professor and what University he got his credentials from. Is he of the same certification as Robert Reisch at Harvard and Harold Bloom at Yale? What the hell kind of educational system produces such a nutcase as Professor Nafisi? Clearly, the Kuwaiti educational system needs to be re-evaluated.

In the video, people are giving this guy a lot of ovation and this message is getting out to a huge audience. Let’s just hope it isn’t coming from future additions to their lecture department sharing similar credentials. I wonder if the people in the audience are also professors who want to throw anthrax at the White House.

Yeah, yeah, people will apologize for Prof. Whacko and say he’s one of the harmless lunatic fringe, but who are all the fucking people in the room? And where is this getting broadcasted to?

There are those in the Obama administration, like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who believe that talking with these “moderate Taliban”-types will bring progress to Middle East peace talks. With ‘allies’ like this, Hil-dawg better be able to talk herself out of a decapitation (which, may I add, is much tougher than a presidential

It’s videos like these that make me wonder what is being said, yet not
broadcast, in these countries we have gone to bat for and rescued from tyranny. Am I alone in thinking that these countries should be a little more thankful toward us and less hopeful for our demise? Maybe it’s just me. All I know is that I’ll be staying out of Washington D.C. until Professor Nafisi is stripped of his degree.

(with help from Dane Robinson)

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