24th December 2009

IFTA Meets with Lawmakers and FCC Chairman in Washington, D.C.

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IFTA Meets with Lawmakers and FCC Chairman in Washington, D.C.

On 2-3 December, IFTA president/CEO Jean Prewitt and chairman Lloyd Kaufman met with new FCC chairman Julius Genachowski to discuss media consolidation and its support for Genachowski’s efforts to secure net neutrality regulations. Over the course of two days and nearly a dozen appointments, IFTA met with FCC Commissioners Michael Copps, Meredith Atwell Baker and Mignon Clyburn and many others on Capitol Hill, including Congressman Rick Boucher (D.VA), who has been very active on Internet-related legislation. IFTA also expressed its concerns about the December 3 announcement by Comcast to take control of NBC Universal. Kaufman noted that “Congress and the FCC will be forced to focus on the consequences of this acquisition and the fact that traditional platforms, like television, are increasingly closed to independents. We might finally have a seat at the table in the deliberations in Washington about whether and on what conditions this transaction will be allowed to go forward.”

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  1. 1 On December 24th, 2009, bile said:

    If the FCC and Congress got out of the business of cartelizing the media and distribution industries net neutrality like legislation would be completely unnecessary. Ultimately those who own the main pipes of the internet should be allowed to do with their property as they see fit. The problem is they are given monopoly privileges regarding those pipes. Local municipalities give one or two companies access to sell their services, the FCC effectively regulates out of existence startups looking to compete, and many more actions taken by bureucrats who claim to be looking out for the rest of us but are really working to strengthen the position of existing large companies by eliminating competition. This harms the customers by increasing scarcity and therefore pushing up prices. Leaving them in the submissive rather dominant position they would naturally be in in a competitive market.

    This problem won’t be fixed by more regulation limiting choice, thereby competition and customers’ power. The causes need to be undone not compounded.

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