1st January 2010

Lloyd Kaufman – a man of the people!

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This is from a message board re: James Cameron yelling at a fan trying to get an autograph. Here’s the link, followed by what someone said about Lloyd re: asking for autographs from a filmmaker/celeb.


If I was a big celebrity I certainly wouldn’t act like that.

I was on the elevator once with Malcom MacDowell in Toronto but didn’t say anything because I didn’t recognize him (couldn’t put a name to his face). I met Lloyd Kaufman personally though got his autograph and he joked around with me etc he was a total gentleman. Lloyd Kaufman was so cool that I will rent all his movies. All. ALL. I bought the original Toxic Avenger. If I see a big box set of all of his movies or a good portion of them I would buy them. And it’s because he was such an honor to meet.

Can’t say the same thing for JAMES CAMERON  eh?

*It’s possible it wasn’t Malcom MacDowell but it totally looked like him or some other big director or something and it will sorta bug me.

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