9th April 2010

Am I a Visionary Shit Disturber? Or a Hypocritical Sell Out?

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Greetings from Tromaville!

The recent announcement by the producers of the forthcoming remake of Troma’s 1983 classic, The Toxic Avenger, has caused quite a stir among my fans on film forums, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and social networking sites around the world.  Some fans have been understanding of the fact that a mainstream remake of The Toxic Avenger will expose millions of new people to the world of Troma.  Other fans have suggested that I have in some way sold out or am being taken advantage of, neither of which is the case.  The Toxic Avenger remake will bring Troma Entertainment a big fat check, which will allow us to continue to bring you visionary “movies of the future!”  25 years from now these Troma movies will be remade!  And don’t forget, folks, I am currently working on The Toxic Twins: The Toxic Avenger Part V, which will be “100% grade A Troma.”

For those of you who are attacking me because there is going to be a Toxic Avenger remake, please study your film history.  Just because there is a remake of a movie, does not mean that the remake has to suck ass.  In fact, there have been excellent remakes that have been as good as or even better than the original.  A Star is Born, directed by George Cukor, is much better than the previous two classic iterations.  Who can argue that the remake of All Quiet on the Western Front (with sound) is not better than the original (silent)?  Examples of remakes that have certainly done justice to the original versions are His Girl Friday, The Fly, The Thing, The Last House on the Left, Halloween, Dawn of the Dead, Tromeo and Juliet, and, of course, Strap-On Sally in 3-D.

Also, I am very appreciative of many who are lobbying on-line for me to direct Toxie’s remake, but I think I will be much more effective working on The Toxic Twins: The Toxic Avenger Part V.

Once again, I want to say thank you to our fans for supporting Troma Entertainment for over 35 years! I am certain that there would never have been a whisper of a remake of a movie in which a young boy’s head is squashed by the wheel of an automobile, a woman is masturbating to a picture of said boy’s squashed head, and a blind gyno’s dog is being blown away by a shotgun, had you fans not made The Toxic Avenger a world-wide phenomenon, despite the fact that it came from deep down in the underground.

Above all, remember, Toxie loves you!

Lloyd Kaufman
President, Troma Entertainment, inc. and Creator of the Toxic Avenger

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  1. 1 On April 9th, 2010, Ron Mackay said:

    This is a copy of a text I sent to a friend who asked what I thought of the remake news…

    “I think if it’s good, it will steer people to more Troma films. If it’s bad, people will hear that the original was better and it will steer people to more Troma films. Lloyd always says how broke Troma is. There isn’t much money coming in. So this paycheck is much needed to let Troma do more, be it distribution, or new films. I’m as tired of remakes as everyone else, but if it keeps Troma around longer/helps them make another movie, I’m for this one.”

    Do whatever it takes to keep Troma alive & creating art!

  2. 2 On April 9th, 2010, The Vicar of VHS said:

    Anything that introduces more people to Troma, and furthermore puts money in the Tromatic coffers to finance future projects, is a “win” in my book. And I admit I’m kind of interested to see how the remake will turn out–will the mainstream finally catch up to Lloyd’s futuristic filmmaking vision?

    Here’s to 25 more years!

  3. 3 On April 9th, 2010, dan reinhold said:

    in toxic twins, please have Sgt Kabukiman ride Dolphin Man to japan. make it as ambiguously gay as you can.

  4. 4 On April 9th, 2010, Jeff Haywood said:

    A point that i’ve made in emails to you, though, Lloyd, is that Troma movies succeed because they are Troma movies. I just can’t bring myself to see George Lucas’s “Terror Firmer” or “Stephen Spielberg’s Unspeakable” (even though he is unspeakable). Sure, you can name a handful that you consider better, but I can think of several dozen that were worse than the original. Of course, I will admit to some prejudice, I have always hated all remakes, feeling that remakes are only done by people who lack creativity and originality. I cite you as an example: You have never remade anything.

  5. 5 On April 9th, 2010, Melissa said:

    As long as your remake does not have John Travolta in drag, I am game!

  6. 6 On April 9th, 2010, Jacqueline said:

    this is upsetting still because remakes do suck. the first toxie was so good you got away with alot and you know it. the second one you wont

  7. 7 On April 9th, 2010, Freddie said:

    I think there is a huge difference between selling out and self-preservation. And you’ve been in this game long enough to not be taken advantage of. If this remake will bring Troma a fat check, then I fully support it. And I think most Troma fans feel (or should) feel the same way. Our original isn’t going anywhere and at best it’s securing the longevity of a wonderful company and ultimately supporting independent film. At worst we get a (possibly bad) remake and newer fans who may never “get it,” but many more who will.

  8. 8 On April 9th, 2010, Scott Smith said:

    Damn you Lloyd, disarming me with your words! You don’t think a Toxie remake will ruin Troma, I’ll trust you on this one. If, however, it does ruin Troma.., VENDETTA!!!

  9. 9 On April 9th, 2010, Mason(FAN) said:

    I originally did not like the idea of a remake but you have persuaded me to encourage the idea and if its going to make money for troma to make more movies of the future then i say LET THE FILM BE MADE!

  10. 10 On April 9th, 2010, Mike Nosanchuk said:

    Extremely surprised at this…seeing as though in the behind the scenes of James Gunns Slither, you and James are attending the Slither premier party or whatever and you are directly approached by a Miramax producer and he says “Mr. Kaufman, are you interested in big budget Toxie” and you don’t even give him the time of day and shut him down right away… but I love your work and am a devoted fan through and through and I respect your decisions 100%.
    Troma in mainstream theatres is definitely not something a die hard Troma fan would like to see…but if it’s for the best of Troma’s future, i’m all for it. Just wish Lloyd himself was directing this!!!!!


    Much love, Mike Nosanchuk

  11. 11 On April 10th, 2010, Skanfalug said:

    Lloyd, you is the best… And we love Toxie.
    I don’t think that this remake will be good, but if it will help the troma finance…. ok!
    But now we want an amazing new chapter of toxie adventures!!!

    Thanks to all troma team, Paolo (from Italy!)

  12. 12 On April 10th, 2010, MikeDedly said:

    Lloyd, I think you’ve earned your “big fat cheque”. Long live TROMA!

  13. 13 On April 11th, 2010, Jonathon Lucas said:

    I think “sell out” is a subjective term. Sure, he’s helping to cheapen the name of Toxie and he’s doing it just for the money. But he clearly intends to pump any money he makes into strengthening his company which has struggled to stay afloat since it was formed. And I’m sure in Kaufman’s mind, more money = more gore. The royalties he makes from one big-budget remake will be enough to fund 10 future Troma projects. That’s one more remake that won’t watch and 10 original Troma flicks that I’ll likely love. More than a fair trade-off IMO.

    I think Kaufman’s heart is pure on this decision. And by ‘pure’, I mean fetid, depraved and chock-full of glorious tastelessness. All that good stuff. Most importantly, I think he’s approaching this as an artist. The guy’s a legend and I’m supporting him all the way on this one.

  14. 14 On April 11th, 2010, Douglas Waltz said:


    I have met you a few times at conventions and I would never call you a sell out. Remakes are what they are and if it will enable me to get a Toxie part 5 directed by you then I am all for it.
    And, for your information, the remakes of LAst HOuse on The Left and Dawn Of The Dead suck ass.
    Have a Tromariffic Day, sir.

  15. 15 On April 12th, 2010, Newton Gimmick said:

    I completely echo your sentiments. I posted the news on my website, as a longtime devotee to Troma, but I totally understood why you made the choice to do a Toxie big Hollywood remake and I also contend it could very well be a good movie.

  16. 16 On April 12th, 2010, Raimundo said:

    Dear Lloyd,

    If you’re reading this, I want you to know that I am HAPPY about this remake news.

    I am not a member of any of those ‘social networks’ so I don’t know what everyone has been talking about. All I know is that this is a GOOD THING. I feel that way because as you said, it “will expose millions of new people to the world of Troma” and MOST IMPORTANT of all, it will give TROMA more financial security.

    The original version of TOXIC AVENGER is NOT going to disappear just because it’s going to be remade. The same way the original version of the ‘INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS’ and the much tampered with ‘NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD’ did not cease to exist when the originals were remade.

    And you’re right again, NOT all remakes suck. Most folks don’t even know that the MALTESE FALCON with Humphrey Bogart and Peter Lorre IS A REMAKE.

    Anyway, this is the first time I’ve heard about TOXIC AVENGER part 5…. I am very happy to hear about this!

  17. 17 On April 13th, 2010, ToxVi said:

    There are some choices I as a child of the Toxie generation(born in 1989) I’m slightly disappointed in some of the choices I’ve heard about this movie. However I will watch this, and support Troma and hope this makes a whole Tromaissance and even hopefully after this remake we can get that over the top violence that Toxie is known for and if you ever need a director and are willing to teach I’m willing to learn,
    ToxVi or Toxic Vi

  18. 18 On April 14th, 2010, Britt said:

    Woohoo! I say do it!

  19. 19 On April 14th, 2010, Roofies said:

    Will Gina Lynn be making a cameo in Part V?

  20. 20 On April 14th, 2010, Trav said:

    Long live Troma! Hopefully the remake generates the $ for many more L Kaufman directed films.

  21. 21 On May 1st, 2010, pedro taveras said:

    PUT THE MOVIE IN THE THEATER. i saw all movie and they were not boring. The toxic avenger is my best hero. since he only has the power to attack evil. TOXIC has a since humor and funny please make him come back even better since technology change makes him look
    like a littel more realistic. i wish i can be in the next movie.lol well Thank you for reading and i remember everything when he was put comic and cartoon.Toxic made me not to be bullied and i lift some weight to be strong.lol I HOPE THE MOVIE WELL SELL BOX AND ALSO PUT TOXIC AVENGER TEAM

  22. 22 On May 7th, 2010, Neil said:

    I think it is great, especially since you are involved in the remake.
    I’ve heard Troma has faced financial problems many times and it feels like it is because Lloyd doesn’t follow some mundane Hollywood bullshit formula.

    So I’m glad to hear this news, it reassures me that Troma will live on and I can sleep better at night knowing that.

  23. 23 On May 20th, 2010, Michael Booth said:

    Can’t wait to see the Toxic Avenger remake Lloyd. Would also be great to see bigger budget versions of Surf Nazi’s Must Die and Class of Nuke Em’ High 🙂

    Good luck with the new Toxie as well.

  24. 24 On May 20th, 2010, Mark said:

    I’m sorry, but 35 years of running the oldest truly “independent” film studio without “selling out” as the fans say is quite the accomplishment. Lloyd, you are a hero and inspiration to all of us (real) independent filmmakers and I commend the decisions you have made to help us have another 35 years of true independence… Fuck Hollywood!

    Thank you,

  25. 25 On May 20th, 2010, Ronny Carlsson said:

    I am the first in line to bash remakes, but I’ve also been saying since I first heard of the Toxic remake that I approve of it, if it can help Troma financially. I know Troma wouldn’t let it happen if it wasn’t for the better. Who in the world is insane enough to think Troma would sell out after 35 years? Lloyd could make big mainstream movies, I don’t have any doubts about that, but he has been fighting it for many years to be able to do what he loves. No way he’ll fold now.

  26. 26 On May 26th, 2010, cole said:

    I dont think your a sell out. It’s just I dont want to see the toxic avenger made without your input. When I watch a Troma movie it makes me feel good inside but I dont think it will be the same. And didnt you once say “we’ve flirted with the idea of remaking The Toxic Avenger several times.[1] We’ve come close to making it happen but at the last minute, the deal would always be undermined by typical slimy Hollywood double-dealing and backstabbing. Also, once we got over the initial shock of seeing so many zeros in front of the decimal point of the figures being discussed, we realized that real Troma fans, the ones who made Toxie into a household word and had stood by us through thick and thin, would hate us forever if such a film were ever made. You’d call us sell-outs and whores and rightly so” and that if someone offered you a big budget you would first remind them of things like starvation and poverty

  27. 27 On May 28th, 2010, Mclane said:

    go ahead dude and let’s make that remake… lot’s of people are gonna see it ( including kids), let’s spread the Troma way of thinking for the future generations…they’ll need it, and sadly they are not smart enough to watch movies from the 70’s
    by the way, thanks for having written your books… they are full of good tips for any director… be sure i’ll remember all of it, specially the part on Porta-Jon…


    Mclane aka: the director of “Attack of evil teenage mutant brother from la Hague”

    kisses from france

  28. 28 On May 28th, 2010, Mclane said:

    ok… i know now that toxic avenger is a movie from 80’s… mea culpa … but for my defense, the photography is so gross it actually can be shot in the 70’s …

    still loving you lloyd


  29. 29 On June 2nd, 2010, James said:

    i hope it’s more like the cartoon than the movie. i don’t think hollywood can pull off the stupidty or gore.

    i think redneck zombies should be redone. it’s an awesome movie with great ideas but poorly excuted. if a little money was thrown at it could be the best movie ever made.

  30. 30 On June 4th, 2010, Thomas Tatman said:

    I was very excited when I found out about the remake. Toxie is a wonderful character and as a fan I am very happy that he will be introduced to a whole new generation. I look forward to another 25 years of Toxie.

  31. 31 On June 9th, 2010, Corey Sim said:

    I believe a Toxie re-make would be great for the Troma empire, mainly if it’s under a major studio and get’s Toxie more ex poser. I’m fully behind this move Lloyd and damn I would love to see a Toxic Avenger re-make, and me I’m very down on re-makes but believe this one is worth being remade so a whole new generation can enjoy the Toxic Avenger, although you know Hollywood will tame it down, you know that’s coming. Anyway congrats, I myself want to make a few films for the Troma empire, until then all the best and congrats.

    Corey Sim

  32. 32 On June 13th, 2010, sgt kabuki man nypd said:

    i was about to call u a sellout lloyd and then i read your little article. i get it now. you want to make some money off these guys who have a different vision of the real toxie who want to pay to make a most likely watered down remake. so while they are making this fluff piece and gaining popularity to your creation, you will be supplying us real fans with a new sequel that is sure to be as shocking and politically incorrect as the others. just make sure the tits are big and real and the trashy theme is intact. i remember watching pt 4 with my brother who has a young autistic child. very akward due to “retarded kids going apeshit” scene. but thats why i watch. You just cant get sick perverted going to hell in a handbasket 4 laughing at entertainment anymore. cheers to you.

  33. 33 On June 28th, 2010, Jacob Miller-alderman said:

    Mr. Kaufman, I have tons of respect for you and what Troma does, but I even found myself slightly wincing at the idea of a PG-13 remake of The Toxic Avenger. However, I completely understand your reasons and I am slightly relieved to see the movie has your blessing.

    Troma has been a major inspiration for me to work in film (currently working on several screenplays). So, if something like this brings in more fans to the Troma team, it is definitely worth it. I can’t wait to see the end result.

  34. 34 On August 4th, 2010, Simon Says said:


  35. 35 On August 24th, 2010, The Lord of Troma : Critical Hits said:

    […] We wrapped up the interview by talking about some of Troma’s upcoming work. The big news is that the Toxic Avenger is getting remade, big budget style, and he dropped all sorts of names like Tom Cruise and Megan Fox. That was all neat and everything, but I forgot every other detail when he said Justin Bieber was going to play the kid who gets his head smashed under a car. I’m praying he wasn’t kidding. I will weep openly. The film isn’t getting made by Troma, they’re “just accepting a big check”. Despite taking some recent heat over the remake, Lloyd was surprisingly not too concerned with whether they keep the political message of the original intact – his movie would stand on its own for all time. […]

  36. 36 On October 14th, 2010, Chris said:

    Hi Lloyd,

    I’m torn on the issue for a number of reasons:

    Anything that makes Troma more money to stay in business and keep on making great movies is a good thing. “Selling out” is a relative term but overall I think the definition is giving up what you worked for and never getting back to that. (Like becoming an employee for Slime Warner and never being able to make your own damn movies anymore.)

    The thing about remakes is so few are made to be improvements on a flawed original. I consider remakes an attempt at a “do-over” even though Hollywood normally uses them to cash in. If I had my choice on what Troma movies could be remade, I’d remake the ones that either were good ideas but weren’t well executed the first time, (Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD,) or out and out sucked, (Big Gus,) and do them properly with, (hopefully,) a larger budget and/or a cast/crew that is on the same page ala Tromeo. This may not look commercially viable on paper but neither does Michael Bay remaking Rosemary’s Baby either.

    I’m with you no matter what route you take because if Troma needs the money, you gotta do what you gotta do as Toxie needs to eat.

  37. 37 On November 9th, 2010, Tony Watt said:

    “It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business”
    -Michael Corleone: [to Sonny] ..’THE GODFATHER’

    Lloyd, if it brings more people to your work..and you can afford to carry on your work..it’s aint a bad t’ing!
    Legacy does not pay the bills.

  38. 38 On December 7th, 2010, Vince Ruffalo said:

    where will Toxie Part V be filmed?

  39. 39 On January 7th, 2011, Mistress Clarissa said:

    A main stream remake of the Toxic Avenger only proves the artistic value and insight of the original. It will also expose a new generation as well as those who were living under rocks in ’83 to this ground breaking film and its original creator. Sell out? No. Genius and ground breaking alt indie film maker? Certainly.

  40. 40 On January 8th, 2011, Michael Laster said:

    Hey Lloyd I think its GREAT that there is gonna be a Toxi remake, Did it happen like it did in your book, “Direct Your Own Damn Movie?” Anyhow I see you already have a director on board, did you offer the chance to former Troma employee and “Tromeo & Julliet” screenwriter and AD, James Gunn? He would have done JUSTICE for Toxie! I think “Slither” was the best big budget hollywood movie in a decade! Or even Trey Parker, that would have been interesting. Any way I’m a TROMAHOLIC from middle TN. Long LIVE TROMA!!! Can’t wait for the Toxic Twins!! By the way Are you taking music material for the upcomming Toxi V? I would like to go ahead and write a few tunes and give them to you, I made “Troma Dot Com” the song and the video, I gave you a stack at the Nashville Premeire of Poultrygeist back in Oct 2008, where you did an AWESOME special guest appearence on a music video of my band, Skullkin for the tune “Son of a Million Maniacs”

  41. 41 On February 14th, 2011, Jeff Cooke said:

    New won’t erase the old. We don’t breath the same air that we breathed yesterday. New air keeps us alive… even the polluted stuff…lol.

  42. 42 On February 22nd, 2011, Eddie said:

    I’m with Lloyd if it means bringing Troma more money. I have to agree with some people about some remakes sucking but not all of them do. I can’t wait for a fifth toxic crusader movie which is plus for all of us troma fans.

  43. 43 On February 22nd, 2011, Eddie said:

    I meant to say Toxic Avenger movie, I wish the cartoon “Toxic Crusaders” lasted a little longer because I loved that show when I was a kid.

  44. 44 On March 27th, 2011, john jones said:

    I hope the toxic avenger remake would be rated R! and I’m really excited for toxic avenger 5! hellyeah!

  45. 45 On April 6th, 2011, John Himer said:

    Make a new Toxic Avenger movie to get that check, If Troma went out of business I would cry for weeks.
    Do what ever it takes to keep Troma going. I on the other hand, am very excited for The Toxic Avenger V!
    Keep them coming Lloyd your awsome.

  46. 46 On January 27th, 2013, b-movie avenger said:

    ok, llyod please stop to consider what happend to The Toxic Crusaders films project! most of us that truely and deeply follow your work, both the shit and the shitaki know damn well that if this big company can fuck you out of making toxic twins they will….plus why can’t you guys just call the damn remake The Toxic Crusader most of us could deal with a nonviolent non-titarific, nongorey toxic crusader because it would be true to form. why would you want captain planet as the toxic avenger played by john travolta?

    On a sidenote it took you over ten years to realize that Torgel IS Melvin please don’t let it take that long to realize Cohen IS Toxie!!! Toxie is getting on in years Cohen could easily play him again in Toxic Twins….either that or keep your word and have Joe Fleishaker play him!!!!

  47. 47 On January 27th, 2013, b-movie avenger said:

    sorry to step in here again but that one dude definatly has a valid point. if any movie should be redone it should be Redneck Zombies…hell even Buttcrack would be epic and probably do well then Hollywood could make a needless mashup of both Redneck Zombies Vs. Buttcrack…. AND FOR FUCKS SAKES SOMEONE FINISH THE EVOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SAT THROUGH THAT ENTIRE HORRIBLE FILM ONLY TO FIND OUT IT WASN’T EVEN A FILM IT WAS HALF OF A FILM!!!! HALF OF A FILM!!!!…sorry anyway also, Lloyd i have alot of love for you but, Tales From The Crapper? come on Lloyd somtimes shit is so bad it even smells bad to the shitter…just saying…Oh and if Hollywood has joint custody of Toxie, be prepared for a Vin Diseal Toxic Avenger facing off against a Will Smith Jason VorHees at one point or another….*sigh* please just do the musical as a movie dude, it would do sooooooo much better

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