23rd May 2011

Fan letter to Lloyd

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This is typical of the fan letters we get.This comes from Poland!Yet we have no European distribution!

Dear Mr. Lloyd,

I write to You, cause I want to say “thanks” for the only one Independent GOD on this world. I knew it from my first watch o Troma’s movies, that was “The Toxic Avenger”. After that, I must see complete serie, and I still want more so I buy “Class of Nuke ‘Em High” trilogy. Now I was be sure that Toxic Nuclear Waste is that what I want from cinema. I don’t wanna lie, I love movies, many genres, many directors… but in my heart after many years is still god B-Movies and in that You are my Master. Please, don’t think that I’m a one of these fans, who say only “Lloyd! You’re Awsome!”… Anybody can say that, Anybody who don’t runs away when listen “Troma Entertaiment” of course 🙂 For me Troma give me a chance for a freak out from simply reality, from everyday. I can sit on couch, run some “Tromeo & Juliet” or “Stg. Kabukiman” i don’t need to worry about next hours. Thank You for these, Llloyd, really. I don’t know better way to get back my good mood. What can I say, I wish You all what the best, houdreds of movies, tousands of fake blood and billions of boobies! 🙂 I hope You’re immortal cause I can’t imagine the world without You. And if We are in this moment, I have a little request to You, can u give me just a simply autograph? I need a small souvenir from U… For remeber of Your exist. Please, sign for me photo, illustration, sticker, or even just empty page from notebook. And if You can, please write “for Tupolec”, it’s my nickname, it’s more unique than simply name 😉

I hope that You will read this short thanks from me and do this little favor for me,
Houndred Years once again Dear Lloyd Kaufman!

Your big and faithful fan,
Mariusz “Tupolec”

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  1. 1 On May 23rd, 2011, Jonathan said:


    We have our own, completely independent VOD platform which covers Europe http://9m3.org – Truly independent with a straight, no nonsense, no fluff, no hidden bullshit 50/50 split between content owner and us. Set your own prices, set your own rules: just as Troma is the only truly independent film studio, we are the only truly independent VOD platform. We love Troma, so if you want dist. in Europe we will gladly help you out!

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