15th August 2011

“Produce Your Own Damn Movie!” Video Intro!

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Troma Entertainment, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the Produce Your Own Damn Movie! DVD box set. This box set is the perfect follow-up to Kaufman’s best selling text book from Elsevier/Focal Press of the same name. When it comes to producing successful independent movies, no one speaks with more authority than Lloyd Kaufman creator of The Toxic Avenger and founder of the longest-running independent film studio, Troma Entertainment. With this new DVD box set, Kaufman continues to democratize film production as he did before with Make Your Own Damn Movie! and Direct Your Own Damn Movie! books & DVD box sets.

This new DVD box set includes interviews, tips and tricks to give filmmakers practical tools for getting a movie off the ground, keeping it afloat and seeing it through to the end. Learn how to raise money, maximize production values with a small budget, secure million dollar locations for no money, develop a business plan and lots more!

Joining Kaufman on this unique DVD set are some of Hollywood’s top filmmakers. Legendary horror movie producer and director Roger Corman (Dir. Little Shop of Horrors, The Raven), David Cronenberg (Dir. Videodrome, A History of Violence), Joe Dante (Dir. Piranha, Gremlins), Avi Lerner (Prod. Rambo, The Expendables), Caroline Baron (Prod. Capote), Steven Paul (Prod: Ghost Rider), Mick Garris (Exec Prod. Masters of Horror), The Duplass Brothers (Dir. Cyrus) and more! They will all be offering their insight and sharing their knowledge from years in the business. This DVD is available to purchase now on buy.tromamovies.com and fine stores everywhere. Troma is proud to continue to release the … Your Own Damn Movie series to help guide filmmakers everywhere.

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