18th November 2011

ARTICLE: B-Movies For Beginners

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  1. 1 On December 15th, 2011, William Dickehut said:

    howdy, ive always been a fan of Tromavill movies. My mom turned me and my siblings on to troma movies in the 80’s.and has inspired me and a few friends to work on the next great B movie,to one day be a troma hit.
    It is still in the works,so I can’t give to much away but I can give you the name of it.Of caurse it was inspired by the greast,super hero of our times toxie.it’s a cross between toxic avenduger, and cujo.For the time being we are going with the name DOXIE.this is our first time doing a scrpt for a movie.any tips you can give would be great.but anyways you will be getting a copy of the script very soon.I hope we can work together,and make the next great TROMAVILLe movie.

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