7th December 2012

Lloyd Featured In “Adventures In Plymptoons!”

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Rave Reviews for Golden Deep Throat of Lloyd Kaufman in New Documentary on Animator Bill Plympton, Adventures in Plymptoons!

Lloyd Kaufman’s singing career has never been stronger. After revealing his Broadway-worthy pipes in Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, Lloyd is back with a duet with Animator Bill Plympton, in Alexia Anastasio’s new documentary, Adventures in Plymptoons!, associate-produced by Troma alum Kevin Sean Michaels!

And the critics have been deafening…

“It’s a great look at the artist, and one that fans and those new to Plympton’s work will enjoy. We get to see The Toxic Avenger director and Troma grand poohbah Lloyd Kaufman sing a song about nasal hair with Bill, David Silverman who directed The Simpsons movie plays a song on the tuba, and Ed Begley Jr. is really excited about the project until he learns it’s a documentary about Bill Plympton, not Bill Clinton.”

John Sinnott – DVD Talk

“I would buy Adventures in Plymptoons! just to hear Lloyd Kaufman sing about nose hair over a Plympton animation, but I understand that I’m special. For fans of Plympton’s work, though, this doc is a no-brainer, and it’s worth at least a rental to anyone who wants to expand their cinematic horizons.”

Judge Gordon Sullivan – DVD Verdict

At least worth a rent, the new DVD of Adventures in Plymptoons! showcases Plympton’s 25 year career and six feature films with every frame by himself. His work is recognized instantly: he’s the guy behind the animated morphing heads, which became famous on MTV, as well as the opening credit sequence most recently for The Simpsons.

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