3rd July 2013

New FREE iPad Game From The Producers Of “Poultrygeist”!

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From the producer of Poultrygeist comes a creepy new iPad game!

You wake up in a strange room, and a cold voice emerges from unseen speakers: “Welcome to Vindiqo Research Laboratories,” it says. Where are you? How did you get here? Who is holding you? All you know is you need to get out. Sixteen locked doors and portals — and the adventure of a lifetime — stand between you and freedom.

“The Stormglass Protocol: Room Escape!” is a fun, engaging, and replayable first person room-escape game, featuring highly-explorable rooms, narrative jokes, and — most of all — immersive puzzles.

* 16 unique rooms with various themes & new puzzles delivered through regular updates
* Captivating storyline
* Superior 3D graphics
* Evolving difficulty levels
* New rooms through regular updates
* Intuitive UI and inventory
* Absolutely free to play six rooms!
* Unique navigation, providing superior movement controls as seen in Xbox and PlayStation games

CLICK HERE to read more about it and download it for FREE!

Below are some screenshots:

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