17th January 2014

Introducing Super Tromette Nuke Puke ‘Em

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Nuke Puke'Em1


Meet 2014′s First Tromette, Super Tromette Nuke Puke ‘Em! If you’re not familiar with Nuke from “Super Tromette Action Movie GO” or heard Dedderz, the Electro-Dreawave band that she fronts with Vid Vicious, don’t worry you will be. Nuke will appear in “Return to Nuke ’Em High: Vol. 2″ and Dedderz club-banger take on the “Class of Nuke ’Em High” theme song will also. You can listen to it below. Here are some photos from Nuke Puke ‘Em in “The Nancy X Files” series.

Nuke Puke’Em in “The Nancy X Files”
“When Super Tromette, Nuke Puke’Em is unwittingly inducted into a bizarre real-time ritual on set of her latest exploit, ‘Evil Orgasm’, she becomes possessed by the space nymphoid, Nancy X. Imprisoned for eternity, beyond the limits of reality, The Zorp Corporation have promised Nancy a permanent stay inside Nuke’s body as long as she takes down the actress, the only catch is that she may only come to life when Nuke orgasms. Taking full advantage of her new body and blood running through her veins, Nancy takes to the night, partying like she never has before and unleashing her sexuality all over those who cross her path. When Nuke comes, you better watch out, cause Nancy X plays dirty.”

Listen to Dedderz/Ethan Hurt-”Nuke ’Em!” featured in “Return to Nuke’Em High Vol. 2″:

Listen to the theme song to ‘The Nancy X Files’ – ‘I Like to Fuck’ by Dedderz here:

Get a closer look into the lives of Nuke Puke’Em and Vid Vicious and their world of entertainment here:

Tromette photos by Thommy Gunn visit his page here:

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