8th May 2014

Troma Celebrates 40th Anniversary With Party at Cannes to Honor Independent Art!

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In celebration of Troma Entertainment’s 40th Anniversary and return to the Cannes Film Festival to premiere the theatrical trailers of our upcoming releases “Return to Nuke ‘Em High: Vol. 2,” “Occupy Cannes,” and “Pro Wrestlers Vs Zombies” we are proud to announce “TROMALUNIGHT” – A night to Honor All Independent Art

On Sunday May 18th, Troma Entertainment has partnered with METALUNA, 88 Films, ’84 Entertainment, NJUTA, STAND, OMGACT, and Night Visions to present The TROMALUNIGHT Party at Bar Le Petit Majestic starting at 9pm. The Party will be hosted by Troma President Lloyd Kaufman and Toxie, music will be provided by internationally known DJ The Toxic Avenger.

“Romance & Cigarettes” the single by The Toxic Avenger:

Those interested in attending the TROMALUNIGHT party will need to make sure to pick up their exclusive numbered invitation. To receive your invitation please visit Troma’s Cannes headquarters at Palais Booth 24.09. Come out and celebrate Troma’s 40th Anniversary on a TroMazing night to honor independent art in the French Riviera!

Le Petit Majestic is located at 6 Rue Tony Allard, Cannes, France 06400

For more information on the Cannes Film Festival please visit:

To learn more about Troma Entertainment and Lloyd Kaufman please visit:

To find out more about DJ The Toxic Avenger please visit:

>For more information on Troma’s upcoming “Occupy Cannes” documentary please visit:

Watch Lloyd Kaufman Define Media Consolidation:

Lead by Troma Entertainment’s Lloyd Kaufman, the Occupy Cannes movement will use the Cannes Film Festival to draw attention to the disparity in opportunity between the mega-media conglomerates and independent artists. “Give art back to the people,” exhorts Kaufman. In its acclaimed 2002 documentary “All the Love YouCannes,” Troma discussed and established that the mega media-conglomerates have smothered most of the art world and are not going away. With the OccupyCannes demonstrations at Cannes and the forthcoming documentary of the same name, Troma is aiming to level the playing field and to inform independent artistsas to how they can better co-exist with, work around, and change the mainstream to promote truly independent art in all its forms.

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