18th March 2015


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Greetings from Tromaville,

Regarding the Rabid Grannies Blu-Ray/DVD release, there have been problems with the pre-print materials that were originally supplied to Troma. This film is historic in that it was the first “Tromatic” horror film from Belgium, and because Rabid Grannies is one of most beloved titles, we wanted to give it a Blu-Ray release. We also wanted to present as much of the filmmakers’ vision as possible, including all elements of gore and violence previously removed.

The Troma Team did our best to bring you the original iteration of the producer and director, removing padding scenes that were originally included to meet minimum runtimes set by theatres (please see DVD included in combo pack for all scenes absent from the Blu-Ray). Some of you were under the impression that this release would include an HD theatrical cut, but we believe this Blu-Ray/DVD release of Rabid Grannies is the best version of this 1988 classic available. Regarding the quality, we know it is imperfect, but we did the best we could with the pre-print materials available to us. It came down to the choice of releasing a slightly imperfect combo or releasing nothing at all. You fans had indicated a demand for a Rabid Grannies Blu-Ray, and while we understand a small number of you have been critical, we hope you understand that our intentions were and are always the best.

That said, we are concerned that some of you are unhappy with the final product. We think the combo has great merit as is. In fact, we challenge all those who have not yet bought a copy to purchase one and judge for themselves. But as a thank you for your continued support, we’re offering those who purchased the Rabid Grannies Blu-Ray/DVD combo an opportunity to download, for FREE, two films from Troma’s “Deluxe Platinum” Vimeo Collection. Any customer dissatisfied with the Rabid Grannies Blu-Ray release should select two titles from our Vimeo catalog and email [email protected] for a special download code on his or her free titles.

We sincerely thank our wonderful fans for your 41 years of unwavering loyalty and support.

Stay Toxic, and keep disrupting media,

Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz


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