25th May 2016

RIP Troma Action Hero Joe Fleishaker

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Flags are flying half mast in Tromaville today. Toxie and The Troma Team weep!

Joe F was not just a (very big) part of the Troma family for over 30 years, but was a beloved member of the Kaufman family. My wife loved him and my children were mentored by his wisdom and humor from the time they were babies.

Joe played many roles in our movies, ranging from action star in Troma’s WAR and Toxic Avenger 2-4, to Romantic star in TERROR FIRMER and Tromeo and Juliet, to Jared the subway sandwich guy in POULTRYGEIST, to a surprise featured role in RETURN TO RETURN TO NUKE’EM HIGH aka Vol2–to even portraying my camera shy partner Michael Herz when the media called, or when LK and MH needed to introduce DVDs such as TALES FROM THE CRAPPER with DEBBIE ROCHON.

Joe loved his Tromaville. Whether he was getting ground up in an escalator or exploding with the most dire case of diarrhea in movie history, Joe reveled in Troma movies! He usually re-wrote his lines and made them much better. He was a great man!!!!

Gabe Friedman, editor of many Fleishaker scenes, reminds us that Joe’s middle name, by the way,was Isaac. His initials are JIF, just like Joe’s favorite peanut butter, which he used in his action super hero role in CITIZEN TOXIE. Joe was a legendary Troma personality, a great actor, and a great friend. RIP Joe. Troma will never be the same without you.

Ave atque Vale,Joe!



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