30th June 2016

Official Short Movie Selections Announced for 17th Annual TromaDance Film Festival

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The Official Short Movie Selections for the 17th Annual TromaDance, which will be held at the Paper Box Theatre in Brooklyn, NY, have been confirmed, it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman, prexy of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger.

TromaDance is the first film festival wholeheartedly devoted to independent filmmaking and also one which champions contributing artists, producers and directors internationally from all genres of cinema without discrimination. Unlike every other film festival, TromaDance does not charge filmmakers to submit their films. Entrance to The Paper Box Theatre on Friday July 29th and Saturday July 30th is free to all.

Bears Discover Fire is based on the original science-fiction story from 1990 by Terry Bisson.


Two short title Official Selections that have already peaked the interests of Film Festival enthusiasts are Bears Discover Fire, directed by Ben Leonberg, an adaptation of Terry Bisson’s Hugo Award Winning science-fiction story and Portal to Hell!!!, directed by Vivien Caldinelli, which is notable for the cinematic swan-song performance by influential 1980’s WWF wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper, who died at age 61 of cardiac arrest in November of 2015. These two highlighted titles are among twenty-seven important films to be featured for the TromaDance attendees.

Portal to Hell!!! is the last onscreen performance by 1980’s Pro-Wrestling Legend Rowdy “Roddy” Piper


The 17th Annual TromaDance Film Festival will announce Official Selections for categories in animation and features on June 28th and June 29th.

Bands to perform at the World Famous AfterParty will be announced on June 28th!

The 17th Annual TromaDance Short Movie Official Selections, which represent all genres of live-action filmmaking shot on video, digital or film formats, were curated with great thoughtfulness and respect from thousands of creative, ingeniously produced and inspirational submissions received by employees and volunteers from represent the Troma Team. These selections are:

A King’s Betrayal / directed by David Bornstein

Bears Discover Fire / directed by Ben Leo

Bride Zombie / directed by Robby Ceusters aka Rob Ceus

Call Girl / directed by Jill Six Gevargizian

Chicken Happen- Run and Hide / directed by Jimmy Adamson

Cool Aliens / directed by Jakob Skrzypa

Devil / directed by Martin Sonntag

Duellum / directed by Tucker Davila Wood

Fahrstuhl / directed by Rene Schweitzer

Granny Fuckers / directed by Nadine L’Esperance and Trevor “Spud” Hage

Hotline London / directed by Cozzo Jonathan

Leshy / directed by Pavel Soukup

Lucid / directed by Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen

Mayday / directed by Sebastien Vanicek

Naked Sister / directed by Naoya Tashiro

Platform 13 / directed by Camiel Zwart

Portal to Hell / directed by Vivien Caldinelli

Remember This / directed by Miguel Hernandez Barba

Slow Creep / directed by Jim Hickcox

Tang-Soon-Do / directed by Michael D’Ambrosio

The Call / directed by Alban Ravassard

The Fisherman’s Wife / directed by Ben Leonberg

The Indestructible / directed by Kalen Artinian

The Procedure / directed by Calvin Reeder

They Will All Die in Space / directed by Javier Chillon

When Aliens Get Bored and Take Drugs / directed by Erica Crooks

“Disco” by The Death Valley Girls Music Video / directed by Kansas Bowling

Congratulations to all those filmmakers selected to be in the 17th Annual TromaDance Film Festival, hosted at The Paper Box Theatre in Brooklyn on July 29th and 30th, 2016!


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