1st December 2016

President Toxie’s Oval Office Address premieres on YouTube in support of Troma Entertainment!

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Following Lloyd Kaufman’s explosive editorial in Monday’s Huffington Post, Mr. Kaufman’s own creation, The Toxic Avenger, has come to his support! Echoing Lloyd Kaufman’s incisive essay on both the film making and humanitarian issues at large in China, President Toxie’s Oval Office Address is sure to nail Lloyd’s point home!

Mr. Kaufman’s essay, “It’s Not Me, It’s You: My Break Up With China“, was exclusively featured on The Huffington Post Monday. Now coupled with Toxie’s presidential seal of approval, it’s your duty as both an American and a film fan to listen to President Toxie’s Oval Office Address and learn from a Yale Chinese Studies Graduate (who happens to be the president of Troma Entertainment, Inc.!)

A Chinese bootleg copy of Poultrygeist! We have Troma fans worldwide, despite the fascist governments they may live in!


For over 40 years, Troma Entertainment has been known for its’ love and respect for all things independent and outrageous, both of which are under threat in China. President Toxie’s Oval Office Address appeals to the mutant in all of us, taking Lloyd Kaufman’s message and giving it some much needed muscle!

Lloyd Kaufman and President Toxie, toxic crusaders of truth for China!


It has been Lloyd Kaufman’s dream for years to create a Troma movie in China. He has long been fascinated with China’s rich history and culture… Without (Troma’s) fans from all over the world, Troma would not have been able to survive for 42 years…,” President Toxie says in his Oval Office Address.

Despite Lloyd’s deep desire to film a movie (in China), there are too many factors that prevent him from doing so,” Toxie says of Lloyd Kaufman’s efforts to expand the Troma brand into China.

Do your duty as an American and watch President Toxie’s Oval Office Address! With international relations at an all-time low, tune in to Toxie’s speech and learn about why Troma was never able to film in China, and why those issues run far deeper than film making!

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