1st February 2017

Troma Now Presents: Exclusive World Premieres of Grindsploitation 2, La Isla Del Infierno & short film French Kitty!

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Troma Now, Troma Entertainment’s exclusive premium content streaming service, proudly presents the World Premieres of Grindsploitation 2: The Lost Reels, La Isla Del Infierno, and short film French Kitty on February 1, 2017, it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger.

Time for a Second Serving!


After the success of the anthology film Grindsploitation, the Troma Team is releasing the next entry in the series, Grindsploitation 2: The Lost Reels. The movie is made up of 24 short films, created by some of the brightest up-and-comers in the horror world. Directors such as John Brennan (Damn! Suburban Honky Pimps), Paul M McAlarney (Maul My Children), and Kelly Hughes (Don’t Kill Grandpa Until We Strangle The Babysitter) make Grindsploitation 2: The Lost Reels a “gory sadistic hell ride into the realm of exploitation.” – srscinema.com

Muy caliente!


Whilst having their brains soaked in blood and gore, Troma Now subscribers will be able to watch Javier F. Caldas’s sprawling epic La Isla De Infierno (The Island of Hell). Made in Spain, La Isla De Infierno expands upon Troma Entertainment’s foreign film catalog. The film tells the story of a canary island slave who has spent his last 20 years of captivity trying to return to his island as a stowaway on a boat going on a strange expedition to Islands Cape Verde, but an unexpected series of events lead him to the La Isla De Infierno. Starring Jose Conde, Yamil Omar, and Pablo Scola, La Isla De Infierno takes audiences on a journey of adventure, drama, and romance.

Elle est très fantastique!


For those feeling the Tromance in the air this February, Troma Now presents the world premiere of Charlie Wilke’s short film, French Kitty. Inspired by the allure and determination of the French appetite for romance, Wilke makes French Kitty a short yet layered film. Chloe Fineman stars as French Kitty, intimately describing her strategy of seduction, pairing the film perfectly with the month dedicated to lovers and various Valentines excursions.

15 other films are also being added to the streaming service. Features including The Orgasm Counsellor, That Uncertain Feeling, Eve’s Beach Fantasy, Vegas High Stakes, Dreams Come True, Tight Spot, I Married A Vampire, The Newlydeads, Fertilize The Blaspheming Bombshell, and Getting Lucky, will be streaming along with a short Ghost Tank cartoon, 2 Shameless Tasteless shorts, and 2 Tromadance shorts.

Troma Now subscribers are able to see these and many more films at watch.troma.com

World Premiere of Theatrical Trailer for,
Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol. 2
Warning this trailer is NSFW


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