15th May 2017

[HUFFINGTON POST] The New York Times is Addicted to Opioids

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The New York Times and other spineless, elite-fueled media news organizations whine about the fact that a huge number of Americans are addicted to opioids. Indeed, drug addiction is a horrible epidemic that is eating away at the innards of our society. However, the Mainstream Media itself is addicted! Addicted to advertising revenue and the big dollars therefrom, which Big Pharma furnishes.

For the past 40 years or so, American children have been brainwashed by non-stop pharmaceutical advertising. From the time they wake up in the morning and watch the crap morning shows like The Today Show, to the time they go to sleep at night after watching drug sponsored comedy and cartoon shows, kids are bombarded with drug ads. Advertisements for “The Purple Pill” or “If you’re taking an antidepressant drug, then here’s a pill that you take along with that pill,” etc, etc. go on in all media 24/7!

Is it no wonder that we have two generations of opiate addicts numbering in the millions and more? The Big Pharma pill pushers have, through their saturation advertising, normalized drug taking. They even give filthy diseases like Hepatitis C groovy “acceptable” names like “Hep C” to make us feel good and ok about diseases and being addicted to pills.

Kids are saturated with this propaganda and grow up thinking there is nothing wrong with pill popping, so now there is a gigantic mainstream industry of legalized drug pushing. Is it any wonder that if an opioid addict can’t get legal prescription drugs from her doctor anymore, she will turn to cheaper, illegal meth or the like?


If our so called “P.C. Media” really wanted to fight this plague, The New York Times and it’s advertising-addicted contemporaries would call out Big Pharma for pushing drugs on America in the media. Big Pharma is also guilty of the strategy of creating never-ending “treatment” instead of cures. Of course curing a disease brings diminishing profits as opposed never-ending treatment. Just ask Giliad Sciences, whose stock is at a low due to actually “curing” Hep C instead of just treating it forever. Our government should outlaw ads for opioid drugs just like what was done for cigarettes. Also, Big Pharma should invent drugs that cure diseases and illnesses and stop creating incessant treatments, lucrative though they be. We can blame Mexico, or G-13 or the Mafia all we want; but the real pushers are Pfizer, Lilly, Bristol-Myers, Merck, Bayer, Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, and GlaxoSmithKline. The smarmy New York Times and their like should be calling them out, if they really want to fight the scourge of American opiate addiction.

By the way (spoiler alert), Troma’s next movie: “Shakespeare’s The Tempest Presents Troma’s The Shitstorm” will deal with this theme!



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