29th August 2019

Greetings From Tromaville!!!

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Uncle Lloydie, President of Troma Entertainment, and creator of the TOXIC AVENGER, here with Michael Herz and the entire Troma Team. We would like to thank you for subscribing to Troma Now, Troma Entertainment’s exclusive, uncensored, full head crushing, FAN-TOXIC one-stop streaming service for fulfilling all your visionary, media disturbing needs.

You are now a part of a powerful community that connects independent filmmakers, fans, and admirers of all things moving image in one FANTOXIC platform. Your love for independent film, desire to look past mainstream entertainment and willingness to take a chance newly discovered, genius filmmakers is exactly the reason why Troma Entertainment has been able to succeed for 45 years in a business dominated by greedy cartels and devilish media oligopolies solely focused on censorship and limiting free speech in order to fatten their wallets.

Welcome to the world of future James Gunns, Eli Roths, Samuel L. Jacksons, Mercedes The Muse and Fergies!

As an active member of the Tromaverse, we greatly appreciate your support of “Reel Independence”. We would also appreciate any feedback from you so that we can make our streaming service as satisfying an experience as possible. As a member of the Troma Community, your feedback means just as much to us as anyone else within the industry.

As a member of Troma Now, you will gain exclusive, unlimited access to:
– Over 300 of Troma’s classic films as well as the most recent films to enter the Troma Universe, such as Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA VOL 2 and soon, Fernando Alle (Banana Motherfucker)’s Mutant Blast!
– Exciting short films created by independent filmmakers from all around the world
– Behind the scenes footage providing viewers with a glimpse into the process of how Troma Entertainment consistently makes independent film history
– Exclusive bonus content such as interviews, music videos, and lessons in the art of film making from the legendary, Lloyd Kaufman
– Out of this world customer service ready to help at a moment’s notice

Please feel free to let us know:
– What films you loved most
– What films you didn’t like so much
– If there are any Troma films that should be on the service but are not
– What new films you think would make great additions to Troma Now

As supporters of truly independent cinema, Troma Entertainment is constantly looking to add new unheard voices. If you are a filmmaker, actor, editor, or even just someone who’s filmed a movie with their friends for fun, you are welcome to reach out to Troma in the hopes of getting your film seen by the world. Perhaps you and your film can become a part of the Troma Universe.

It is because of people such as yourself that independent film has been able to become “Legendary” in such a corrupt and elitist industry. We thank you for your support and your assistance in fighting against the evil mainstream media conglomerates and hope you enjoy your membership to Troma Now.


Have a #FANTOXIC day!

Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz. Toxie and the Troma Team



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