22nd October 2019

Once Again, Freedom’s Ring is Silenced by the Ferocious Oligopoly!

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Does independence have a place in our world any longer? If Google and YouTube have their way, then it is a resounding NO! Troma Entertainment has always represented the underdog. We have prided ourselves in our ability to give them a voice as well as an audience. For over 45 years, we have been fighting an uphill battle against the devil-worshipping, multi-nation media cartels and this YouTube censorship is just the latest in a long line of vicious attacks against the “Little Guy”. Their de-monetization policies have STOLEN from the pockets of the people who provide them with their ART, which GOOGLE lovingly refers to as “content”. The same people whose hard work and dedication to ART built the very same audience that YouTube now considers merely “consumers.”

Troma Entertainment once gave our fans over 250 movies absolutely FREE on our YouTube channel as a gift for years of loyalty. Due to the everchanging “Community Guidelines,” most of those films had to be removed. Most recently, YouTube and its mistress, GOOGLE, have given the Troma Movie Channel strikes for PRIVATE videos, unseen to the public. They say TROMA’S WAR, 1986 (FREE on Google for over 8 years) is OBSCENE! This film is a fan and festival favorite! Many of our movies are bootlegged on other channels with no negative ramifications to their channels! We now risk losing our 540k plus subscribers, in what can only be viewed as a dangerous muzzling of competition by the money-hungry media oligopoly, who wish to control what we watch, thereby controlling how we think. This is a dangerous path we are headed down, leading to a world where YouTube could have never been created in the first place.

For you 540,000 plus subscribers who enjoy our FREE Troma Movies Channel and the uncountable YouTubers, who risk losing everything you have sacrificed for and built, the time has already passed! U FANS NEED 2 RAISE UR VOICES!


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