15th May 2020

Lloyd Kaufman To Appear on “The Last Drive-In” With Joe Bob Briggs, showing TROMA’S WAR!

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This season of Shudder’s The Last Drive-In has already seen quite a few notable guests join hosts Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy the Mail Girl as they commentate on double features of horror flicks, including Chris Jericho, Kelli Maroney, Tom Savini and Felissa Rose, and today, Shudder has announced that President of Troma Entertainment and Creator of THE TOXIC AVENGER Lloyd Kaufman will appear on the next episode!

“Toxie and I are great fans (and air conditioners) of Joe Bob Briggs!” said Lloyd Kaufman. “We spoon and watch every episode of ‘The Last Drive-In’ on Shudder. It’s our favorite TV show since ‘Toxic Crusaders!’ Honored to be a guest!”

“Lloyd has been directing, producing and distributing films for five decades,” said The Last Drive-In host Joe Bob Briggs, “mentoring independent filmmakers for almost as long, and skewering the ruling class with his personal brand of barbed satire for his entire life. He’s not so much a social justice warrior as a social justice gladiator, because a warrior usually has an army and Lloyd has often fought alone. I consider him a friend and one of the most important crusaders against censorship that we have. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna let him off the hook when he enters the drive-in arena Friday night.”

Catch the episode on Friday, May 15, at 9PM ET when it streams through Shudder TV.


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