15th October 2000

Ralph Nader, Toxic Crusader

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Troma President and Creator of the Toxic Avenger endorses Green Party Candidate Ralph Nader for President!

Since Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD’s unsuccessful bid for the presidency back in ’92, the Troma Team has been reticent to enter the political arena. In our eternally hopeful quest for a decent candidate, we have examined the greedy, dishonest fuck-wads and ball-fondlers seeking our votes and found them wanting. They run the gamut from downright evil to mere idiocy. But now, after months of thorough research, the Troma Team has finally found an honest presidential candidate we can throw our tremendous political clout behind: Green Party candidate Ralph Nader, a true American hero and the one man with the intelligence, determination, and skill to truly lead this country.

Those of you under a certain age may know Mr. Nader more by name than by his deeds. Ralph Nader burst into the American consciousness back in the 60’s, when he first challenged the corporate elite in his seminal book Unsafe at Any Speed, pointing out what he called “the designed-in dangers” of American cars and offering suggestions for reform. For the next 35 years, Nader has arguably saved more lives in this country than Clinton, Reagan, and Nixon killed during their terms. Nader has taken on the FDA, the ICC, the FAA, and probably every other 3-letter organization in Washington. Nader is one of the original Toxic Avengers, having crusaded against air and water pollution for over three decades.

He has also exposed inhuman conditions in nursing homes and our corporately perverted legal system. His efforts have resulted in greater access to the government we’re supposed to run in the first place and the protection of health and safety for both consumers and workers. Ralph Nader fights for the ideals Troma and the United States stands for. Every movie I have written or directed has included the same central theme: the labor, bureaucratic, and corporate elites are conspiring to suck dry the little people of Tromaville of their economic and spiritual capital. Nader has embraced the same creed for 35 years. In his own words, “I am responsible for my actions, but who is responsible for those of General Motors? An individual’s capital is basically his integrity. He can lose only once. A corporation can lose many times, and not be affected. This unequal contest between the individual and any complex organization, whether it is a corporation, a union, government, or other group, is something which bears the closest scrutiny in order to try to protect the individual from such invasions.”

Granted, we would have thrown a few references to getting ass-fucked by the great multi-peckered conspiracy of elites in there, but the message is the same. Ralph Nader is one of the last honest men in America. This is the sort of person we should elect to the presidency, not more members of the same power-hungry, money-grubbing cabal that we’ve been foolishly voting into office for the past few decades. While Clinton was hopping around not inhaling and avoiding the draft, Nader was exposing corruption in the automobile industry. While Reagan was trying to forget the covert arms deals he brokered and Nancy was busy mashing peas for him, Nader was testifying before Congress to get a cleaner environment…not to mention a cleaner government. Nader cares about this country and its citizens. He deserves a chance to lead it.

To find out more information about Ralph Nader, including how to volunteer and how to help get him on your state’s ballot, visit www.votenader.com. And, of course, we welcome your comments!

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