1st November 2000

Vote Your Conscience: In your heart, you know Nader’s right.

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Despite what the liberal pundits are telling you, you should vote Nader… in your heart you know it’s right!

With less than a week to go before the election, liberal pundits and special interest groups across the country are urging everyone who supports Green Party candidate Ralph Nader to go to the polls November 7 and cast their vote…for Al Gore. They are trying to convince us that a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush. At best, they’ll try to tell you, you are wasting your vote by voting for Ralph Nader. No less than the New York Times has run an editorial urging Nader to drop out of the race.

Ordinarily, I would stay out of the whole political arena altogether. Nobody hates it more than I do when some Hollywood asshole decides to tell you what to think and who to vote for. But the Times’ editorial goes against every single thing I believe in. The Times is trying to interfere with the democratic process here. You didn’t see them urging Perot to drop out when he was going to siphon votes from the Republican candidate. But apparently the New York Times feels that democratic elections are a matter of throwing your support behind the candidate that is most likely to win and least likely to do irreparable harm, not the candidate that you honestly think is the best man or gyno-American for the job.

A vote for Nader is the first step in building a foundation of support. If Nader is able to capture 10% of the vote this year, he becomes eligible to receive millions of dollars in campaign finance money. Four years from now, the powers-that-be will not be able to shut him out of the debates like they did this year. Ralph Nader has been crusading for the American people since the 1960s and if he does not win the presidency this year, he’s not going to go away. Nader is a fighter and a survivor. If you support him and the Green Party this year, they will continue to fight for real change in America in the future.

Part of what makes America the greatest country on Earth is our electoral process. Don’t let the elitist media fool you! There are more than two people running for president and you should vote for the party you honestly think would do the best job, whether its Green, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Reform…hell, there’s even Socialist candidates if that floats your boat. Don’t be swayed by propaganda telling you that a vote for anybody besides Bush or Gore is a wasted vote. The demonization of George W. is absolutely absurd. There is not a single iota of difference between the two of them other than a haircut. Those of you who are worried that Bush will get in the White House and overturn Roe v. Wade have nothing to be afraid of. He was in my class at Yale and I can guarantee that he does not have the guts to tackle an issue as potentially explosive as abortion. Let’s keep gore and bush in Troma movies where they belong. On November 7, vote your conscience. Make your voice heard at the polls and at Elaine’s, when we show the rich & spoiled that the people cannot be silenced.

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