25th October 2011

Horror’s Gynophobia

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I am choosing Stephanie Rothman’s The Velvet Vampire not just because it is a great Halloween movie, but to make a point. In the world of horror there is a blood ceiling that gynos cannot penetrate. There are only a handful of gynos directing, producing and writing horror movies (Troma feels that ‘female’ is a derogatory term since ‘male’ is the root word, therefore we use the politically correct terms Gyno-American, Gyno-Brit, etc.). The genre of horror is the most male chauvinistic area in pop culture without reason. It is a disgrace that a genre that purports to be so hip and cool is actually a sexist boys club that discriminates against those who pee sitting down. The fact that gynos have periods and grow creatures inside of them clearly illustrates that they know more about horror than any man could ever imagine. The Velvet Vampire is one of the very few horror films by a gyno-director. It includes all of the best 1970s exploitation elements- a serious lack of clothing, seduction, vivid blood and hippie cults- and doesn’t conform to the typical vampire mythos. This movie supports my point that gynos are certainly as capable and, in my opinion, more capable than men to create horror movies. The world is full of mediocre movies made by men. Based on my own anecdotal experience, check out Mother’s Day for a portrait of a Kaufman gyno.

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